Got (more) Kids?

Greetings readers, I hope your weekend was nice!

Here is the second installment of Hickey Freeman Hist First shirts from my kids boutique with matching ties.

Have a great successful and happy week!

Got Kids?

As listed before the bulk of my day is spent either buying or selling high end kids clothing in Tuesday’s Child Boutique.  The Men’s stuff is an extension of that and at that a minor one at that.  Call it a hobby.  MEANWHILE, however, hobbies don’t pay the rent 🙂  which brings me to todays post.  Knowing that I would be spending the bulk of the day at the Armani showroom in Manhattan, and knowing that I needed to post some Hickey Freeman kids shirts online on our web site I figured to kill two birds with one stone and take the pics and use them for my post today (and probably tomorrow as well).

I will reserve comment and let the pictures do the talking.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

(PS:  I wouldn’t mind some feedback if anyone is of the mind to say hi.  I dont need it but its nice to hear.  Thanks!)

More Blank and Purple

Yes…It is supposed to say Blank and Purple, not Black and Purple. Thats because Yesterday I ended with this Attolini Tie and promised to start with it today and the suit choice was open for consideration. (we settled on charcoal because Blues and Browns didnt work here)  (pardon any typos I am rushing!)

As you can see its paired with the white shirt and black suit, and a white square. However we don’t have to stay with that.

So I tried a bunch of different shirts that on principle might have worked but they didnt pass the eyeball test. First of all I swapped the black suit for a more versatile Charcoal. Then I was left to find acceptable shirts.

The pink fell short because it looked fruity even with the traces of pink in the tie. I wont even post the blue

I then tried this Hickey Freeman Hist First lilac striped which was perfect for both the suit (this suit has a lilac stripe in it.  Also a Hickey Freeman) and the tie.   I tried the pink trimmed pocket square because I wanted that pink in there.  It wasnt the best option.  Better still was the light blue pictured just below.

Swapping suits for a plain Charcoal Pin stripe but keeping the shirt and tie I added the blue trimmed square for a nice look.  The blue in the square pulls the  shirt which also has a blue stripe together and the traces of blue in the tie.  I like the look.

Have a great weekend!

S10 Tie By Tie 15 (End Game, sorta)

Well…At least its end game for the Spring collection of Ties for one tie maker of mine. A nice season if I dont say so myself.

Here I finish up with a classic pin dot burgundy tie.  I did a similar one a few seasons back but this is less textured.  Strangely I havent been able to get a detailed shot of the tie, but this is close.  First shown with the pink shirt and navy pin stripe suit.  The square is a new one received a week ago.

Now with a blue shirt and royal, black and beige floral square:

Square detail shown here:

And finally with a mini floral multicolor square:

Using the same square/shirt and suit I swapped the tis for a Brown and Blue textured tone on tone Polka dot.

With the square detail here.

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S10 Tie by Tie 14a(Escapees # 1)

Ahem… Rather embarrassing but I noticed that I missed a couple of the new Spring 10 ties so here they are, plus some squares that I received last week.  (Perhaps they were trying to escape?)

The light blue tone on tone textured circles works well with navy suit which in turn works well with the pink shirt and the abstracts square which having all the color tones pulls it all together.

Looking like this:

Alternatively you can use the burgundy colored square of the same pattern for a different and stronger look.

With the detail here.

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S10 Tie by Tie 6 (Revenge of the Dots)

Hey, I told you that there would be lots of dots this season. 🙂

Shown here is a satin tone on tone light blue dotted tie, first against the pink shirt (always a nice combo) with the charcoal grey suit. Not sure if you can see but the suit has a faint light blue stripe in it which welcomes the tie back as a color (not that it needed that invitation to be at home with a charcoal suit, but still). I paired it with a navy blue with red and green square just because.

Here you see the square detail:

And finally, as the colors are all there, the combo works wonderfully with a navy suit as shown here.

Rejoice!  I included these links, and  I have actually prepped the site for the links to the previous few posts ties and squares.  Gimme one more day fellahs and I WILL have those links.

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Tie By Tie 5b (For the Night out)

Depending on what your profession is you might be able to get away with it, but I figured you can for sure wear something like this for a night out on the town. Next week some more squares to work with this. Meanwhile I gotta run (I know, I lied about the links)

Shown here with the pink stripe shirt and otherwise the rest you have seen before. Do a search, I have done a pink and burgundy post a while back.

Have a great weekend all!

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Tie By Tie 9b (More Showing Off)

I like this tie.  After using it with the charcoal suit that was out, I thought we should take it one step further and put it to use with a Navy Suit, Light Blue Shirt and complementary Green with silver floral Square:

And then for a little spin on things, lets keep the blue shirt but swap the navy suit for a brown suit to show just how far this tie, with the pink silver and ecru stripe can go.

With a square detail here:

Now, lets bring in the pink shirt which also works nicely with the brown suit.  Swap the square out for, the parasol square in the brown tones and this is what you get, (with a High Res of the ensemble here).  I liked the way this combo came out so much that had I not been lazy I would have used it as the tie shot on the site. (It did help that the flash was higher power and less yellow tones showed on the tie than yesterdays post).

Here is the square detail with the high res here.

Your Thoughts?

Tie By Tie 9 (Showing Off)

When you turn down a long term lease on your property from a major land developer, that usually means that you believe in what you are doing and its potential.  Thats pretty much what just happened here, so you guys are gonna have to help me here and make sure that you keep on buying and keep me in business so that when you look back in 5 years from now, you say, I remember when Jonathan turned down the long term lease from that major land developer, cause he KNEW that he was gonna be big one day…


Anyway, here is a favorite tie of mine that went relatively unotticed.  The silver and Pink Twill weave woven. Shown here with a blue textured shirt (used for color as I think that we might be better served using a flat woven shirt due to the very textured nature of the tie) , charcoal Grey Suit that was out already, and a floral burgundy square to add some life in the charcoaly mix.

Here is a detail of the square with a high Res to be found here.  I took the high res because it allows for the colors of the square to be seen in all their glory, a truly beautiful square.

Here with a grey shirt.

Here I am just showing off that this tie square and suit works well with pink in addition to the two shirts shown above.

Tie By Tie 7 (Pink and Burgundy)

When it comes to classic men’s clothing and other matters sartorial,  Will Boehlke the author of A Suitable Wardrobe is a veritable wellspring of knowledge.  About a month ago on Will commented that pink and maroon naturally compliment each other.  I don’t always agree with Will when it comes to color coordination but with pink and maroon, I think he’s got it right.

Here are some pictures that bear that thought out.  (If you look at the high res shot you will see that the tie itself is a deep burgundy/maroon with  stripes of pink (as well as gold) in it and is quite nice even before you put it with a shirt, suit and square.)

In the first shot we show the charcoal grey suit with pink shirt with floral square again and here enhanced with the burgundy tie.  If you look at the tie you will see that its one with a different colored warp (or weft, I don’t remember which is which) and that accounts for the shimmering iridescence and the multi dimensional appearance of the tie.

Swapping the shirt for a light blue textured weave will give you a softer yet no less nice effect.

And here you have the detail of the square.

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