Tie By Tie 26 (More “Just Ins”)

Using the same sportscoat from last week I thought to show some more options which you can see here:

Oddly I didn’t shoot this with the square in the pocket.  Not sure why ;-).  I like the blue shirt with the grey and the coffee brown tie with the grey jacket and it helps to pull the check in the jacket out as well.  All shown with the honey jar square.

Here with the pink twill tie.  I like this look

Not sure about this tie here.  Looked better when I was taking it but here in the pic it doesn’t look that great.

Finally, a little Wintery coloration here with the dark satin based stripe.

Just a heads up, the buying season is getting hot and heavy and in fact I leave for Italy on Wednesday evening, so it may get a little spotty over the next few weeks, but I will do my best and will be back so don’t give up on me 🙂

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Tie By Tie 14 (4 at one Blow)

Like Mickey, the hero in Disney’s Brave Little Tailor (Video Link Below) , I easily could have done 7 ties at one blow, or rather with this one background of the brown suit/blue shirt, Large painted paisley square that was out from yesterday but I figured that four would suffice.

Here you have “4 at one blow”! (and call me a dolt but I just figured out that I could size pics for regular viewing and have those same pics clickable to reveal the high res., so feel free to click on any picture you like to get the real up close and personal story 🙂

Lead off is a a no brainer tie,   Brown with blue warp and stripes.

A little more daring, orange, slate blue, tans and light browns.  All work nicely with the brown suit and blue shirt.

This, an orange and blue paisley is one of those ties that has a blue warp so depending on how you hold it is what you see.  In general,  Blue + Brown + Light Orange = Nice.

Finally, a navy satin field with blue and brown and Burgundy stripes.

And as promised, here is the Disney Classic:

Brown And Blue Revisited

In The Last post we showed the versatility of one tie and where it could go.


To be fair and honest, light blue is fairly easy as it really goes well everywhere.  Also I dont know that I would have done the brown with Blue and Blue like this:


Brown and Blue

Brown and Blue

 Instead given that shirt and suit I might Have Opted for something like this which shows the contrast of Brown and Navy against the lighter blue shirt:


Blue and Brown Tie against Brown Suit

Blue and Brown Tie against Brown Suit

Lets discuss though, how we would use a tie like the one above which seems to be a little more stylish?


So we paired it with a Lighter sportscoat and shirt giving the coat a little pop along with the square that contrasts in the pocket.  The result is this:  Incidentally I like the plain off white linen square that shows up a few posts from now.


Blue/Brown and Contrast

Blue/Brown and Contrast

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