Tie By Tie 17 (More of the Littles)

Continuing along with some more small patterns and small spaced pin stripe shirts I show a brown suit, burgundy pin striped shirt (both suit and shirt from the His First Hickey Freeman line) and a turquoise/teal patterned tie with the flower pot multi colored square.    This particular colored tie clashed with the blue pin stripe shirt so I used the burgundy.  Incidentally you can swap the brown suit used here for a navy suit and it will look fine as well.

With a detail of the square here.

Against the more calming and sedate shirt the effect is so:

What did work with the blue shirt was the rust colored tie in the same mini floral pattern shown here:


Tie By Tie 15 (The Green Lantern)

Here is a dark pea green tweed Hickey Freeman His First jacket that we did in the kids shop which was  rather nice but not your run of the mill.  Green works well with blues of all sorts as I have illustrated in the past, so I chose a Hickey Freeman Blue narrow striped shirt.  Rounded out with the brown and blue floral patterned tie and a multicolored flowerpot square.   As the sportscoat is pretty much patternless, I was comfortable using more busy accouterments in the way of a striped shirt and patterned tie and square.  Your result is this: (I’ll venture out of the realm of this blog by suggesting a chocolate brown flannel pant to complete the ensemble).  (And for outerwear you are safe with a camel or caramel colored coat, like this one. and any of many scarves from my site.)

With a square detail here (get a load of the vibrancy of those colors!):

While the colors “match” here, I thought that this tie, not having enough contrast fell flat against the green of the jacket and blue of the shirt.  Additionally while the dominant stripes of the tie are wider spaced, when you blow it up the underlying stripes are too closely matched in size, causing the stripes in the tie to conflict with the stripes in the shirt. (see Alan Flusser in “Dressing the Man” for more on this)

Tie By Tie 8 (Natural Progressions)

From the not so conventional charcoal suit/pink shirt/burgundy tie we progressed to the charcoal suit/blue shirt/ burgundy tie.  The natural course of progression would be switching the grey suit for a navy suit while leaving the burgundy tie.  I switched the square for one that works well with most colors but especially so with navy. (Bear in mind that in a regular situation the square wouldnt be sticking this far out of the pocket but more like the pictures below as in the red and brown ties).

Here is a detail of the square:

Which progresses to the red tie in the same design with that same suit, shirt and square:

Naturally progressing to the brown tie. (while I am a big fan of brown paired with blue, this brown happens to have a blue weft which makes it especially fitting for pairing with a blue shirt)

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More On Wool Ties

A wool tie with the proper weave (as opposed to a knitted wool tie) would be perfectly acceptable IMO to use in a business setting.  And contrary to popular thought one needn’t restrict its use to flannel type suits as due to its fine weave it looks little more than a textured silk tie.

Here are a few examples of finely woven wools  that work with regular suits.

Shown with the light  Blue Unlined Wool Tie and Burgundy Paisley Pocket Square.

Just for the closeup of the square as the flash blew away (not literally) the tie and shirt.

The burgundy wool tie with the green paisley square. I didn’t want to keep the burgundy square opting instead for the complementary colors and not the matching.

And here a close up of the square.

Here with a shell Rose pink wool tie. This particular tie happens to be lined hence the larger knot.  The square is one of the multi’s that I have used in the past.

As always, this is just my opinion and I would love to hear yours.

Two down, one to go…

Much in the same way that paisley patterns can be any color, its important to note that the name glen plaid cannot be categorized nor limited to a color as the term merely indicates a pattern (see link for history on GP).  That’s why one cannot simply state rules to follow when pairing shirts, ties and squares to glen plaid.

This particular Glen Plaid had a very feint (almost imperceptible) light blue check in it which invited in the light blue shirt.  Youc an see it in the pictures below, and I will add another on Wed (11/4) as a closeup detail)

Otherwise it was primarily a black check.  This is where the ties I used (Blacks and  Burgundies) came in as follows:

First up is a Cesare Attolini weave with a lovely hand.  The grey in the tie would be acceptable in and of itself as it works well with the Black of the glen plaid.  This had the added benefit of being a slate gray which is tinged with blue.  The burgundy stripe in the tie wakes it all up.  Again for the square I used the same universaly colored square as in the previous post.  Its got so many colors it works with ALL the ties below. (PS:  MB, I didnt accidentally leave it in the pocket, enjoy!)

The second is a burgundy dotted weave. I thought it a nice subtle entry of burgundy which is a great color for the ensemble.

For a bold contrast, this twill print, with both burgundy and blue dost in the neats pattern works well.

Finally in the same vein of contrast is the black weave with the light blue flowers.

Tomorrow, the plaid suit/sportscoat.

One down, two to go

Happy Monday to you all!  Here’s to a better week than the last one was.

Got a box today with one hard to work shirt and a Grey Glen Plaid suit as well as black check Sportscoat.

The history behind the shirt was that it was a gift from a business associate from overseas, and the subject was wondering if it could be worked into a business setting with a suit as said business associate would be visiting and the gift recipient wanted to show his appreciation.

The nature of the shirt made it hard as its a darkish blue color with a purplish tinge to it and almost to the point of looking a bit denimy. (that means like DENIM, DUH!)

Here is what I came up with, using a Navy pin stripe suit, and a universal color square (meaning there are so many different colors here you can almost use these squares for everything).

I think that this (its not really that tie, that tie isnt on the site, shame on me.  This is the pink/black version of that pink ) tie works best here. It gives enough color and contrast without being over the top.  Its not quite red, closer to a pinky black.  Its somewhat textured but the texture doesn’t compete with the shirts chevron weave.

This also works well for the same reason.  Its got reds, Blues and violets mixed in there.

Finally, this floral/paisley which doesnt look that special in the pic but is a nice match in person.  The darker colors of the tie almost blend perfectly with the shirt. (OK, OK, my wife thought it got lost against the shirt, but what who asked HER?)

Tomorrow we attack the Glen Plaid Suit. 🙂

Been there done that

A time ago, on the way out of my kids shop, I snapped three iffy”ish” pics of a beautiful black sportscoat from the Hickey Freeman His First line together with tie and shirt that I had paired.  The combo sold well, and here you see it with sportscoat.  The black coat has a blue stripe running through it which is why I put the light blue striped shirt in there as well.  Not that Black cant go with light blue, it can and does so well.  I just thought it so well matched.  Elegant and sharp.

The tie being burgundy and gold works into the black of the coat.  The square puts it all together with pretty mch all the colors combined.  A lovely square.

Here you get a close up of the colors in the square.

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Red – Only the Bold!

With a dark navy suit giving a strong contrasting frame you get a stronger and more bold look at red and blue. (oh, and I add that I am getting better with my new camera…)

being that the case I substituted the darker square for a little lighter one. From the same family. More with a focus on red and light blue than navy and yellow.

Again we have our Power Red Tie.  Wear this and you will get noticed, I promise!

Navy brings out the strength of this tie and the second as we mentioned before, just with greater contrast.

Finally a red and navy Neets twill will give you a wonderfull look, coordinating and contrasting.

Red – Only the Brave

Its a popular misconception about red.  Bulls do not charge the matador when they see him or her waiving that red cape.  They do not see color (or so I have been led to believe).  
That being said there is something quite bold in a red article of clothing that catches our attention.  Admit it, It wasn’t just Neo. You also focused on the woman in red in The Matrix.

Here are some pics to ponder. As you can see the red was paired with blue and it works quite well. Later we will go elsewhere with red. 

I am fine tuning the camera, bu tyou get a general idea with the blues about the looks you can expect.  As I comment below, the suit is medium blue and you will see on subsequent posts just how much stronger the red gets when paired with a darker navy.


Here a red tie criss crossed (criss cross Larry, crissss crossss) with blue.  In fact to create the stripe the tie has a blue warp which gives it depth of a blue nature.  The square is from the new collection.  The shirt, always the same patterned blue on blue.

Here you have a blend of red and others that works well with the tie.  It gives the overall red look without being as bold as the others.

A popular seller, this shows the full effect a bold red tie can give you. Of course its not solid red so the punch is cut in half.  Someone say “Cat in the hat” and I will punch them.  I like this series and will devote a post to them hopefully next week.

The ultimate diplomat 🙂  Depending on your view of life, its neither red nor blue,  Or better yet, it gives you both colors yet its non committal.

Red after a few No Doze pills washed down with Jolt or Red Bull!  Packs a punch and a knockout one at that!

Last but not least, a punch but a little tempered by  the white warp.  I once sold this tie to be sent as a gift to a high ranking profesor in University of Mississippi.

Of significant note is the fact that the suits is a medium blue laced with grays. A stronger navy blue will give a much contrasting red as we will soon see.

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