Tie By Tie 29b (Almost the Same yet Different)

Yet another full buying day in the city, this time for Dolce and Gabbana and Moncler. Yeah, they make them for kids. :-).

Carrying yesterday’s ensemble forward but with a lilac colored shirt will give you a totally different  look. The lilac accentuates the plum colors in the tie.

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Tie By Tie 6 (Out of Sequence)

I often snap a bunch of photos of items I intend to write about and don’t get to them till I am home for the evening when I can crop, upload and compose the post.  Its convenient because this way I don’t have to worry about being in the store while writing and can take my time on the post and publish at leisure.  The downside of course is that when I mess up on the pictures (i.e. the exposure isn’t correct and the colors are off) I am stuck.

That is pretty much what happened today, with what was supposed to be a continuation of yesterdays jacket shirt and square.  Unfortunately, what should have been Tie By Tie 5b will have to wait till tomorrow or the day after.

Instead, I present Tie By Tie 6, with the anthracite 4 fold pin dot tie, against a pink shirt with a charcoal suit with a feint blue stripe.  Grey (even charcoal) works with the pink shirt, and the square which is a green background with small flowers in pink and lilac offer a soft break from the harshness of the otherwise unbroken charcoal jacket.

Here is a detail of the square.  Have I mentioned my love for pastels?

Tie By Tie 5 (The Pin Dot Staples)

As posted before, a classic pin dot should be a staple in every man’s wardrobe as they are versatile, and add enough to take a tie from the boring solid to the subtle pattern.

Here you have a Silver Pin Dot Four Fold tie against a Brown Hickey Freeman Sport Coat with a Blue shirt and floral print square (Forgot to upload the close up of the square) .  Granted Silver is not required owning like other staple colors but here the concept is shown that a pin dot can break up the monotony of the solid in a soft way.  Simple and understated yet nice.

For the more adventurous types or the more adventurous side in you here its shown with a pink shirt.  Clearly, this makes more of a statement.

Lavendar and Grey

Just to get things started I am gonna throw up some pics and see where we take it. Of course comments welcome (not that you ever listen to that…).

The shirt is a soft lilac and the square is from the vintage group. The tie is from the spring collection.

Or these parts… (here this square is from the new arrivals that arent yet on the site but will be soon).  Long story about this square though…)  Which is made up of this tie (which is ncie cause it is Black and Lavendar (warp and weft) which gives it a depth.)

Which together look like this:

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