The New Crop Is In

If you have stayed the course with me, you are about to get rewarded. A new crop is in in Kid’s and Men’s with new pricing as well (Buy one, get the second with some restrictions at half price). The sad news is that I am skipping next season in the men’s department due to the kids business pulling at me in a good way. I also will probably adapt the blog to more complete ensembles for kids as well which will not limit this blog to ties and squares but in general a color blending blog. Stick around and you can still learn something. Heck I learn something every day in color/texture combinations.

The first group is the starburst collection. Available in 5 colors, (if you count white as a color). Blue, Pink, Red, Green and White.

The ties are paired with a tan linen blend suit from Detomasso, our children’s line of suits made in Southern Italy and a house brand cotton spread collar made in Italy shirt. The tan and Blue work well together with the green tie in the first few pics adding a fresh color that works well with both. The square is also new in the first group as a multi color which I will add and update on the site later tomorrow.

Here is a better shot of the tie against the shirt and suit.

For those that are less comfortable adding too many colors, here you have the same pattern in blue against the blue shirt. Definately safe.

And the full shot here.

As always, your comments are welcome.

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Things to come

Hello ye faithful…I have been busy. Very busy.  But regardless, I missed you.

Late today I got a chance to snap a few easy shots of some of this Falls collection. I call them easy shots because in all cases the background didnt budge. White Shirt, Black Suit and White Linen Square with light Blue trimming. You could have done the same in all three ties with a navy suit and achieved the same results. Clean and classic looks.

This season there were two groups that I did. Your typical wovens which included jacquards and satin weaves and for something new I did a run of silks from the world renowned Mantero Seta the first of which you see here. Vivid and wonderful prints.

Looking forward to getting back in (and I am probably hiring a new person in the store so that will allow me a little more time to work on other things).

PS:  Some New Hickey Freeman items in for Men this season.  Lets see how that works.  🙂

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More Goodbyes

Really tired tonight. Here are some more ties that have to go. I will be linking tomorrow as I am now literally falling asleep.


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Escapees in Brown

As mentioned yesterday and earlier as well, we can use a pink tie for both navy and brown suits. (Black and gray as well but thats not the subject of our discussion just now.)

As promised, here is the same pink tie with a brown suit. I could have left the blue shirt but felt it worked better with the ecru (cream).

For the the square you can use an earthy toned one like this floral print.

Shown in play here:

Or you can swap for a more visually rich one, like the parasol in brown shown below.

Have a great weekend!

S10 Tie By Tie (Yet More Escapees)

Yesterday was nauseating for me. I spent the day in the city for the first buying appointment for the Spring 2011 season. Heck, its just May of 2010. Leave me alone! Anyway, thats why you didnt hear from me yesterday.

Today though I was cleaning looking for a tie for a customer in the boxes or Spring 10 when I chanced upon a tie from the Spring season that I seem to have missed. Fascinating!

This Rose pink Tie is what I believe the last of the Spring 10 Collection.  I have it paired here with a blue suit and shirt, and rose pink linen square.  Blue and pinks go well together even when the pink is this shade which is sometimes called rose, or shell pink.  Its not a pure pink but rather an orangey/peach pink.

If you are looking for a little more variety in the square then move away from the linen and into a silk like this one, which has feint brown/burgundy notations.

While I maintain that pinks go well with blues, care must be taken to not mix colors of pink with each other.  This concept is generally true of many colors.  Here to my eye, the pinks clash and care should be taken to avoid placing them together.

Tomorrow we will take a look at the tie with a brown suit which works equally well.

Too Close

Sometimes the colors of your ensemble will work so well together that you will look at them and say, no, its just too close.

Take for example the pink twill tie and square below.  The colors (but for the navy in the square) are so right that even though its not a matching square, it looks too much alike.

In that case, you may want to switch it for other complementary colors as found in this sqare:

Which will add a different dimension to your look which essentially is what you want from the square.

Or for the toned down type try something like this white linen with contrast border:

From the Mailbag

Occasionally we get requests from passers by.  Here is a recent comment posted on the about me page.


I am getting married soon. I looked at your website and specially the pictures and thought you might be the best person to answer this. Its a pretty useful website. Great job man!

So my fiancee has already bought a dress which is pink along those lines ( I am wearing a charcoal suit and trying to match up with her on this color. I know a white shirt with a pink tie would be perfect, but I don’t want to wear a white shirt (as much as possible). Here are my preferences:
1) I love bright ties.
2) I don’t want to mix match a lot of colors. Fewer the colors the better.
3) I want to be very careful with the pink.

Could you recommend me a few combinations of shirts, ties and pocket squares?

Thanks in advance,

Being that the Pink is a fuchsia and any tie that is closely related to it would be really bright I thought to introduce ties and squares that were of the same tones (pinks and burgundies and the colors in between.)

Here are some things that came to mind (it has been a long day so I will reserve comment and links for the AM):

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