Tie By Tie 14 (4 at one Blow)

Like Mickey, the hero in Disney’s Brave Little Tailor (Video Link Below) , I easily could have done 7 ties at one blow, or rather with this one background of the brown suit/blue shirt, Large painted paisley square that was out from yesterday but I figured that four would suffice.

Here you have “4 at one blow”! (and call me a dolt but I just figured out that I could size pics for regular viewing and have those same pics clickable to reveal the high res., so feel free to click on any picture you like to get the real up close and personal story 🙂

Lead off is a a no brainer tie,   Brown with blue warp and stripes.

A little more daring, orange, slate blue, tans and light browns.  All work nicely with the brown suit and blue shirt.

This, an orange and blue paisley is one of those ties that has a blue warp so depending on how you hold it is what you see.  In general,  Blue + Brown + Light Orange = Nice.

Finally, a navy satin field with blue and brown and Burgundy stripes.

And as promised, here is the Disney Classic:


Blue and Orange

The Pics go up and elucidation to follow 🙂

Comments while they are as of yet uncommented by me are always welcome (heck, comments are always welcome always 🙂

EDIT:  OK, here is what I wanted with this first post.  What this does is show some of the various colors that Blue and orange can come in.  As Steve in the comments mentions the Blue and Red (they are orange) is too contrasty.  Well…that really depends on what its with and thats why I didnt show it with the grey suit that I photographed (a blue Hickey Freeman His first for the kids/young men.  Next week I will  bring that tie in with a Navy suit and you will see how nice it can be.  For the same reason I wouldnt use the third from the right.  Too Blue.


Not all Blue and Oranges are created equal!

Not all Blue and Oranges are created equal!

This first  tie works well in the color scheme.  Not too bold, Not too contrasty yet with some life.  whats nice about this particular tie is that its woven with two colors.  So depending on which way you turn it you get the different color dominating .  Turn it one way you get morer blue, the other you get strong (but not too strong)  orange.  The square is the classic Linen blue giving a shock of solid color in an otherwise almost too peaceful ensemble. Works well with the ensemble in a proffessional setting I think.

Of the sets, this is my least favorite.  Its not that the tie isnt nice.  It is.  I just think that it might be a little too “washed out” in the look and not offering enough pop.  I do however like the concept of bringing in the polkadot pattern into the ensemble and iot works well in a square later on.

here you get a houndstooth Orange and Blue stripe and again with the same square.  This tie gives more pop without being over the top.  Its orange is stronger as well as the other colors it has. (Blues as well).


Finally, the sale tie with the polkadot square.

The tie gives enough color and the square is interesting without being over the top.  I like the result.

Running With It

I kinda Like the Blazer/Shirt combo we last posted so I am gonna run with it.


Blues, Browns, Beiges and a little color (in this case Orange).  They work really well.

Here you have a small herringbone striped tie which brings in alot of colors, blue and lighter blues etc. but you get a look at the orange as thats the strongest color here.  The square give a nice contrast to the ensemble.


Too many stripes?

Some can argue that this tie has too many (similar in size to the shirt) stripes.

Some may feel that the Tie in this picture is a little too light for me. Matches too well with the sportcoat.  I cant argue with that line of logic but it doesnt disqualify the tie despite it. 

Too Light a Tie?

Too Light a Tie?

The following tie is always a classic.  In fact I will revisit it soon because dots this size and anything under this size really works well almost everywhere.  Any larger sized dots tend to look clowny.  The square being off white tones down the contrast that the tie brings in, while working well with the jacket in its own right.



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