Tie by Tie 24b (Bluer is Better)

In Tie By Tie 24 (Two posts back) , I mentioned that the light orange tie against the pale blue shirt fell a little flat and perhaps it would look better with the darker contrast blue shirt. Here is the original very pale shirt:

And here with a darker blue pin stripe shirt.

And if you feel that with the narrow stripes I have violated Flusserian law, then try it with the darker solid blue shirt for this:

In all cases shown with the rainbow square and in both cases, certainly better than the pale blue.

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Dots and Stripes

Grumble Grumble…Again I have to resort to pulling requests off the search box queries. Sheesh…

Anyway, here goes:

I like this combination.  Some will tell you that stripes with stripes is a no go.  Here is gets pulled off quite well IMO.  According to Flusser one can get away with the same patterns (in this case stripes) when the stripes vary in size.  This ensemble bolsters that opinion.  That being said I would NOT put a stripe tie no matter what the width of the stripe is.  Thats being radical.

The Tie, The Shirt , Square and The Suit.

Smaller dots are still OK as in this tie.


And for something different but rather nice try a complete contrast to the shirt as in this Tie. which is matched with this square to give it a different twist.

Something Fresh

OK, As usual posted the pics without actually writing about em.  Now here goes.

I like this ensemble alot.  As the name of the post indicates I think that its fresh for (dont look out your window) but spring.  The blue against the Beige of the jacket, the Silver and orange from the tie coming against the blue of the shirt and working with the jacket as well.  Highlighted by the square which has a shock of black and orange that works with the jacket and tie.

The jacket is actually a little less yellow hued than the photo lets on but I think that its enough to give the idea.  In fact I took a closeup of the  jacket/square so you can the actual color below.

Now using the same tie lets bring it over (with the same shirt) to a Navy shadow stripe suit and we see how it goes.  The tie matches wonderfully with the suit and the tie gives it a nice contrast color. the shocking red and Navy square is just that.  Shocking (in that good way of course)!

Orange coloration not your thing?  Try it with the Beige and light blue version of the same tie for this effect:


Finally here is the close up of the sportcoat and the square.  I love these squares because they have so much color.  I think that this is one of those squares that has 9 different colors in it.  I think youc an pretty much see all of them.

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