Rock The Contrast

If you are gonna wear a light color jacket take advantage of it and rock the contrast with a really dark tie for this effect.

With the square detail shown here.

Of course you can still look nice with a tie toned similar to the jacket while working off the contrast of the shirt as so:

If you will note, in the next photo I repositioned the square so as to leave out most of the red and just show the yellow hand rolled edge against the blue.

Have a great weekend!  🙂

And yes, for the Title of the post, I was inspired by the 80’s The Clash hit, Rock The Casbah

Too Close

Sometimes the colors of your ensemble will work so well together that you will look at them and say, no, its just too close.

Take for example the pink twill tie and square below.  The colors (but for the navy in the square) are so right that even though its not a matching square, it looks too much alike.

In that case, you may want to switch it for other complementary colors as found in this sqare:

Which will add a different dimension to your look which essentially is what you want from the square.

Or for the toned down type try something like this white linen with contrast border:

More and Less

Carrying forward yesterday’s results but in the reverse, here you have a brown tie against a yellow shirt that garners more attention than the orange against the blue pictured directly below due to the fact that the orange is a softer orange and the satin brown is strong. (yes, I know the jackets are different but the contrast is created mainly with the shirts with the sports coats complementing.)

Shown here with the multicolor square and the Petronius seven fold tie.

To Stare or Not to Stare

What I wanted here and the way the pics I took turned out didnt exactly meet on the same page  so I will just give you the pics that I took and we will illustrate again  just how different the same jacket and shirt can look when accessorized differently.

The orange tie and multicolor square brighten it up and make the statement of “Go ahead, try not to notice me” 😉

The Darker brown pindot tie and cream linen square say, “I look classically sharp yet understated, Go stare at the guy with the orange tie” 🙂

Which one is correct?  Depends on the mood!

KIFS (Keep It Fresh, Stupid)

Greetings All and a very Happy Week to you.

In the Spring the idea is to keep it light and fresh.  To that end here you have a wool check sport coat from Hickey Freeman  His First paired with a yellow shirt (always a Spring Color) and a brocade woven silk green and blue tie (which works well with the sportscoat which has green and blues in it).  I thought the choice of square was appropriate here as the colors in the square bring it all together.  (Pair it here with navy slacks)

A Fresh Combination!

Here the square detail:

Have a successful week!

Springier Spring Looks

Keeping the jacket (since almurtadza liked it so much 🙂 ) we get a brighter look by swapping out the shirt for a yellowish one and brightening up the tie a bit. Here we can afford this color blue tie which works well against the yellow but might not have worked as well against the blue shirt as the tie has a bit of aqua green blue in it.

For squares I give three options before changing the tie for an rust orange one which makes the ensemble all that more serious and somber.

Yellow Shirt, Blue Textured Tie, orange Square and Hickey Freeman Jacket:

Switching square for Square:

And for a little more color in the square we try this multicolor baby:

Finally, with the same square in place I moved over to the rust tie.  Not at all bad, but a different less bright look.

Tie By Tie # 1

Lead off is a series of ties that were really popular in the first run I had ever done, the wide chevron weave.  Of course, as we went along I made significant changes in the construction that would overall increase the value of the ties, to wit, wool interlinings, self tipping, and bar tack closures.  In the maiden run there were only two colors done but as we went along the reorder increased to 5 different colors.

Here I show the Navy and Pink Weave with a light blue textured shirt and a navy suit.  The square is a small floral print in Navy.

If you have been following you will know that I am a fan of Blues with Pinks, and while the tie is nice enough in its own right being blue and pink, I think that the pink shirt adds some flavor to the ensemble as well.

Here is what the square looks like out of the pocket.

The red and white version (which was one of the two colors of the first run) is vibrant enough to wake up even a white shirt as I show it below.

Of course, red white and Light Blue shirt is nice as well.

For a little more vibrancy in the pocket square I brought this rainbow square in, but wanted to be careful that it shouldn’t be positioned so that it looks too matched with the tie, something that in general one should avoid.  As the reds are not a proper match, the risk is less but still…

Which looks like this tucked in.

Of interesting and humorous note, when I first showed these ties (the red) to a couple of people, I got comments like “Cat in the Hat?” but they sold right out!

The Missed Wedding

I dont know if I have said this before but it bears mentioning and reviewing nontheless.

My Main business, I mean the “pays the rent business” is a kids shop clled Tuesday’s Child.  You can see what we do on Tuesday’s Child’s website.  Sometimes it gets in the way of the little on the side men’s stuff that I do here.  With buying season in full swing for the kids shop this was one of those times.

A customer emailed me last week that he was heading to a wedding in California and needed a pocket square (no tie was being worn, “Heck Jonathan,  its California”  was what he said.) to go with a white jacket, blue pants and either a pink shirt or a light blue shirt.

I had already sold him a square before and thought it would work well with either choice shirt, being that it was a bold colored square and would pop against the white jacket but then promised him I would send some more options.  I got busy and didn’t and he is leaving tomorrow for the west coast :-(.

Saving grace is that the wedding is Saturday so I may have time to send it overnight to him in California assuming he likes.

Here goes:

The white jacket is from the kids shop and was used just for the photo.  Some may notice the lapels are small.

The square is from the most recent collection.  I like it for its soft pastelly colors.

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