Spring Looks

Here is a Hickey Freeman Silk and Wool Jacket with a light blue shirt, shown first with a rose pink linen square and then with a light blue square. In all cases the shirt is the same as is the tie, this satin based tri stripe number from the Spring 10 collection.

In this case I introduced some more color and pattern with this vintage floral paisley square.  I thought it gave a nice shock of color and being green with burgundy highlights blended well with the other elements of the ensemble.

With the square detail here:


More or Less (Or Less is More)

Some times too many patterns and colors looks just like there are too many patterns and colors  in that case you dont want to overdo the look with a loud tie and square.  Keep one or the other, but not both.  This is illustrated with the below shots.  Here the red and green vintage patterned tie with the heavily pattered sports coat from Hickey Freeman, which is served well with a solid blue linen square.

With a more sedate colored tie we can get more lively with the square (a new issue, and quite vibrant at that).

Shown tucked away like this:

While the blue works as the colors simply do and in fact there is a blue stripe in the coat (go ahead, blow up the pic and see) some might find the tie too much.  To that end I offer this green twill weave\.  Soft and nice.

Tucked away and complete like this, a nice look.


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More Interview Gear

Season’s Greetings to all.

No queries of the week this week due to the fact that most of the search terms were been there done that terms (meaning they were either covered in previous q & a posts or they were basic concepts covered in pictorial posts of the past. )

Here is a quick workup for an i-banking interview. In any interview the idea is to have your clothing be less noticeable and you more noticeable. Have them focusing on YOU and not what you are wearing. I would recommend wearing a square only if you know that its commonly worn in the office you are interviewing in and even after you have ascertained that KISS it – Keep it simple stupid and go with solids whites or at most blue, linen (recommended) or silk.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

All against a white shirt and light blue linen square. The question was asked based on a charcoal suit so its what I used.

A patterned blue and navy tie. Its there and its quiet. Thats all you want in an interview. It says, See? I do what I am supposed to.

Burgundy themed is also OK as long as its not a strong burgundy. again, avoid directing their eyes to your tie. Here is a grey and burgundy tie which works well with the charcoal and white. Again, subtle and not much more.

The same here. Its a burgundy and gold weave but as neither color is too strong it comes off as a subtle burgundy tie, with dots. Classic.

Remember, they aren’t looking to hire your clothing, they are looking to hire you!

Tie By Tie 4a (The Spoken Request)

Off to a Holiday party but here are some shots taken when I was in the store upon Jason’s request from the previous posts comment’s.

Links and commentary to follow at a later time:

EDIT: Links and comments inserted

Here is the English Twill Tie posted earlier against a French Blue shirt with the Hickey Freeman Jacket and Royal Blue Floral Square.  If you look closely you can see the blue in the jacket coming alive in with this shirt and square.

As Jason mentioned to me in an email (correctly so) the darker blue really makes the combo pop.  Not so with the Lighter blue shirt:

The lighter blue shirt with a white and blue pin dot tie and a light blue linen square.

And as per the original request the chevron tie in off white with the floral square.

Blue and Orange

The Pics go up and elucidation to follow 🙂

Comments while they are as of yet uncommented by me are always welcome (heck, comments are always welcome always 🙂

EDIT:  OK, here is what I wanted with this first post.  What this does is show some of the various colors that Blue and orange can come in.  As Steve in the comments mentions the Blue and Red (they are orange) is too contrasty.  Well…that really depends on what its with and thats why I didnt show it with the grey suit that I photographed (a blue Hickey Freeman His first for the kids/young men.  Next week I will  bring that tie in with a Navy suit and you will see how nice it can be.  For the same reason I wouldnt use the third from the right.  Too Blue.


Not all Blue and Oranges are created equal!

Not all Blue and Oranges are created equal!

This first  tie works well in the color scheme.  Not too bold, Not too contrasty yet with some life.  whats nice about this particular tie is that its woven with two colors.  So depending on which way you turn it you get the different color dominating .  Turn it one way you get morer blue, the other you get strong (but not too strong)  orange.  The square is the classic Linen blue giving a shock of solid color in an otherwise almost too peaceful ensemble. Works well with the ensemble in a proffessional setting I think.

Of the sets, this is my least favorite.  Its not that the tie isnt nice.  It is.  I just think that it might be a little too “washed out” in the look and not offering enough pop.  I do however like the concept of bringing in the polkadot pattern into the ensemble and iot works well in a square later on.

here you get a houndstooth Orange and Blue stripe and again with the same square.  This tie gives more pop without being over the top.  Its orange is stronger as well as the other colors it has. (Blues as well).


Finally, the sale tie with the polkadot square.

The tie gives enough color and the square is interesting without being over the top.  I like the result.

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