Let’s Get Wild

Get a little frisky by using the same suit as yesterday throw in the hot color of the season…Coral,  to get something like this:

And if you want to tone it down a drop swap the multicolor floral square for this square which has greys, yellows, and taupes:

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The New Crop Is In

If you have stayed the course with me, you are about to get rewarded. A new crop is in in Kid’s and Men’s with new pricing as well (Buy one, get the second with some restrictions at half price). The sad news is that I am skipping next season in the men’s department due to the kids business pulling at me in a good way. I also will probably adapt the blog to more complete ensembles for kids as well which will not limit this blog to ties and squares but in general a color blending blog. Stick around and you can still learn something. Heck I learn something every day in color/texture combinations.

The first group is the starburst collection. Available in 5 colors, (if you count white as a color). Blue, Pink, Red, Green and White.

The ties are paired with a tan linen blend suit from Detomasso, our children’s line of suits made in Southern Italy and a house brand cotton spread collar made in Italy shirt. The tan and Blue work well together with the green tie in the first few pics adding a fresh color that works well with both. The square is also new in the first group as a multi color which I will add and update on the site later tomorrow.

Here is a better shot of the tie against the shirt and suit.

For those that are less comfortable adding too many colors, here you have the same pattern in blue against the blue shirt. Definately safe.

And the full shot here.

As always, your comments are welcome.

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Weekend Edition (My Beef with Flusser)

Friday I posted a picture of an Attolini teal blue small patterned unlined tie paired with a small striped Hickey Freeman Shirt and a green jacket.  This was the picture:

Flusserian pundits will recall that on Page 70 of Dressing the man, (a very excellent book,) Alan Flusser maintains that small prints or patterns demand larger patterns to correctly complement them, otherwise the small against the small forces the eye to work overtime to distinguish between where the tie ends and the shirt or second patterned item begins.  He then accompanies that theory with the following picture to be found on page 71:

Indeed at first glance, this does seem to bolster the thought that smaller patterns might force the eye into a tizzy and almost create a blur between the two competing patterns trying to figure out where each ends and begins.

But if you take a closer look at the picture here and better yet in the book itself, (If you have the book flip it open to page 71, if you don’t have the book you can rely on my picture posted here) you might want to question the following:

There is no doubt in my mind that the top picture on page 71 was for whatever reason BLURRY to begin with, and the bottom ensemble is quite clear. So while the concept might sometimes be true the visual proof that is utilized to hammer home that point is somewhat suspect. Does it mean that Flusser as a whole is off the mark? Certainly not, and as I mentioned the book is great. However it does tell you (or at least me) that this Flusserian principal must be taken with a grain of salt. To that end I offer up my grain of salt in the form of my picture from Friday.

A very good weekend/workweek to all.

More Scarves

Had a long day today, what about you?  The highlight and highpoint was winning the argument with my POS software people who after my paying for software upgrades for years and not using them I was told today that since I bought a new computer and it wasn’t an old machine that I was updating it would fall into the category of additional machines and not updating machines.

My response was (after the initial scratching of the head)  that I couldn’t update the machine without buying a new and more current PC because the new software wouldn’t run on the old machines, therefore, in order to Update I had to add the machine.  They finally saw it my way.

Anyway, I tell you this to explain why I am merely posting some more scarves here and thats because I didnt have much time to set up and photograph something new, so I pulled from something that I photographed for the http://www.FourInHand.com site.

The first scarf is the natural combination against the caramel colored Cashmere coat from Colombo cashmere.   Its got enough contrast but it contains the elements that combine with the coat.  Browns, coffee, charcoal greyish tones.  Blackish tones.  Its a no brainer.

This second scarf works with the camel and brown and  in the undertones of the scarf.  The Royal Blue of the scarf gives an interesting spin on the look.

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Breaking from what I promised (I seem to have an affinity for that) here is the beginning of some looks of scarves and coats.

Incidentally the coats are currently half off to make room for the Colombo Cashmere coats that have just arrived.  Magnificient!

Shown here are the Loro Piana Virgin Wool with coat made by Prandina and a colombo box died olive scarf.

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