Some more Wintry mix

To dress it down and make it a bit more hip i propose swapping the regular four in hand ties for some knits. Both the green and the brown work well here.

Have a great weekend!

PS: While browsing elsewhere I came across a reputable merchant selling winter white cream pants in cotton… winter white in cotton? Huh???

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A Wintry Mix

I am a hypocrite.  OK, I admit it.  For the purpose of this post I am claiming that this jacket is a Winter color and texture.  Is it?  It certainly can pass for one.  So why am I a hypocrite?  because a few seasons back a customer loved it for Spring/SUMMER and I went against my grain and told her it was acceptable for Summer.  Acceptable for Summer? yeah, probably.  better for Winter?  Most certainly.

Shown here is the Hickey Freeman Hist First Blazer, with a Brown striped shirt from HF His First and an assortment of ties.  Some from the new collections and some older.  The theme of the ties were dark and browns /coffee colors.  The square is a fiery rust square from the vintage collection.

Your thoughts?

First off the Burgundy rust from the new collection.

I like the way the square here shows more black than anything.  This works against the grey in the jacket for great contrast.  The rust, gold and mustard also work nicely off the brown in the jacket.  Again, this is great proof that Brown and Grey work well together.  A pox on the house of those naysayers!

Swapped the tie for another brown based tie.

Some may feel that the above tie is too much in pattern so I swapped that for this brown solid.  Perhaps a little too shiny.

Certainly better with the wool brown coffee colored tie.

3 For the Little/Not So Little Guys

Greetings all!

After a very enjoyable and restful weekend I gear up for an Italian Trip this week for our kids shop Tuesday’s Child but not before Fall/Winter gets underway in the store.  In fact UPS quantum view tell me that 21 boxes of Diesel will be rolling in tomorrow which promises for a busy day.

Here are a few items that came in from our Hickey Freeman Fall Line. I left out the pocket squares simply because they are less used in kids wear.  In retakes that I will (or wont) take over the next few days I may show some options but due to the tight schedule I will probably have I doubt it.

Paired here with a Brown trouser.

Olive base, Black checks and fine Orange/Rust Checks make the rust tie appropriate as wall as the black pants shown below.  A dark black/green tie would also work here.(And that I might just force myself to fine the time and retake as it was what my minds eye first visualized.)

With the Black Pants:

Finally, a Medium Grey Suit with a feint blue pin stripe which I thought classy to pair with the shirt and tie below.

Have a great week all!

PS:  AE, I expect this post to rate a link :).

Pre Wrap Up

Heading into the final stretch for the seven and four fold series of ties that have to go are two more groups, shown first is the reddish burgundy seven fold against a blue shirt with a his first Hickey Freeman sports coat and accessorized (not a word) with a  paisley thats got burgundies in it.

With the square detail shown below:

I think though that this square while not being quiet is better matched with the brightness of the tie as the orange in the square was rubbing me a bit wrong.  Finally the shirt was switched for a soft lavender color one as well as swapping the jacket for the charcoal suit.

With the square in play here:

Of course the lavender shirt and charcoal suit calls for the lavender tie as so:

and once we swapped out the burgundy square we are probably best served with the linen square and lavender trimming shown below:

Enjoy the day!

Bronze Wedding; Take 2

Using the pictures that were posted in the comments last night (shown below) I suggested the following:

For the sari that will be worn at the day wedding (note the greens and plums with bronze and gold trimmings):

I suggested the bronze tie and green paisley square shown below.  If you examine the colors in the sari and the tie I think that no explanation is necessary as to why it works well.

Here is the reception dress fabric. I felt as mentioned in the comments that the pinkish coloration in the polka dots called for this tie in gold satin with pink and a soft color pink or white with pink linen square.

Or with the pink trimmed white square.

Damn, I am good! 🙂

A Nice Day for a Bronze Wedding (From the Mailbag)

Well, the song goes a nice day for a white wedding but still…

Here is a request from a phone call that on my say so became a written request.

On May 25, 2010 at 11:37 am Sachin Said:


I am attending a wedding this weekend and need to pair two suits to match with what my fiance has planned. For the actual wedding I have a dark charcoal suit to be matched to a pink, green/gold sari. The evening reception is a black suit to be matched to a black with bronze metallic highlighted sari.

What would go best with these combos? Please help!

This weekend, eh?  Nothing like the last minute I always say :-).

In the phone call there was no mention of the pink, green and gold sari so I didnt concentrate on it, choosing rather to concentrate on the Black with bronze.  Luckily I happened to have taken a shot in the bronze theme that will probably work perfectly, having a pale bronze, green AND pink.

For the square I used an orange one from the new collection for a little color but of course a nice white will do quite nicely, and of course as its a wedding a white shirt is in place.

The rest are for the Black Suit with bronze Dress.  Although the suit shown is charcoal, black will work here as well however offering greater contrast.  Incidentally, bronze is a hard color with multiple shades and I don’t really know what color bronze we are referring but regardless, these will probably work.

With the second recent request I will be dedicating a page for requests.


I hope your weekend was wonderful!

Here are some loosies that were taken yesterday, as I was away from the store all day today. By loosies I mean ties that I didnt get in quantities but instead got as a closeout from a supplier alot of different styles but only a few or in some cases one per style. I still am not sure why I buy them as they arent worth the effort, but here we are.

Shown here with a striped suit and striped shirt Both from the Hickey Freeman His First (and here the stripes may be overdone as the purple dominant stripes in the shirt downplay the light blue stripe and the resultant effect is similarly spaced stripes between the suit and the shirt, a no no in many cases) and a white linen square with purple trim.

Switched the tie for the burgundy version as so:

And here with the patterned four fold which also serves to tone down the stripes.

Have a great week!

From the Mailbag

Occasionally we get requests from passers by.  Here is a recent comment posted on the about me page.


I am getting married soon. I looked at your website and specially the pictures and thought you might be the best person to answer this. Its a pretty useful website. Great job man!

So my fiancee has already bought a dress which is pink along those lines ( I am wearing a charcoal suit and trying to match up with her on this color. I know a white shirt with a pink tie would be perfect, but I don’t want to wear a white shirt (as much as possible). Here are my preferences:
1) I love bright ties.
2) I don’t want to mix match a lot of colors. Fewer the colors the better.
3) I want to be very careful with the pink.

Could you recommend me a few combinations of shirts, ties and pocket squares?

Thanks in advance,

Being that the Pink is a fuchsia and any tie that is closely related to it would be really bright I thought to introduce ties and squares that were of the same tones (pinks and burgundies and the colors in between.)

Here are some things that came to mind (it has been a long day so I will reserve comment and links for the AM):

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To Stare or Not to Stare

What I wanted here and the way the pics I took turned out didnt exactly meet on the same page  so I will just give you the pics that I took and we will illustrate again  just how different the same jacket and shirt can look when accessorized differently.

The orange tie and multicolor square brighten it up and make the statement of “Go ahead, try not to notice me” 😉

The Darker brown pindot tie and cream linen square say, “I look classically sharp yet understated, Go stare at the guy with the orange tie” 🙂

Which one is correct?  Depends on the mood!

More Blank and Purple

Yes…It is supposed to say Blank and Purple, not Black and Purple. Thats because Yesterday I ended with this Attolini Tie and promised to start with it today and the suit choice was open for consideration. (we settled on charcoal because Blues and Browns didnt work here)  (pardon any typos I am rushing!)

As you can see its paired with the white shirt and black suit, and a white square. However we don’t have to stay with that.

So I tried a bunch of different shirts that on principle might have worked but they didnt pass the eyeball test. First of all I swapped the black suit for a more versatile Charcoal. Then I was left to find acceptable shirts.

The pink fell short because it looked fruity even with the traces of pink in the tie. I wont even post the blue

I then tried this Hickey Freeman Hist First lilac striped which was perfect for both the suit (this suit has a lilac stripe in it.  Also a Hickey Freeman) and the tie.   I tried the pink trimmed pocket square because I wanted that pink in there.  It wasnt the best option.  Better still was the light blue pictured just below.

Swapping suits for a plain Charcoal Pin stripe but keeping the shirt and tie I added the blue trimmed square for a nice look.  The blue in the square pulls the  shirt which also has a blue stripe together and the traces of blue in the tie.  I like the look.

Have a great weekend!

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