A Nice Day for a Bronze Wedding (From the Mailbag)

Well, the song goes a nice day for a white wedding but still…

Here is a request from a phone call that on my say so became a written request.

On May 25, 2010 at 11:37 am Sachin Said:


I am attending a wedding this weekend and need to pair two suits to match with what my fiance has planned. For the actual wedding I have a dark charcoal suit to be matched to a pink, green/gold sari. The evening reception is a black suit to be matched to a black with bronze metallic highlighted sari.

What would go best with these combos? Please help!

This weekend, eh?  Nothing like the last minute I always say :-).

In the phone call there was no mention of the pink, green and gold sari so I didnt concentrate on it, choosing rather to concentrate on the Black with bronze.  Luckily I happened to have taken a shot in the bronze theme that will probably work perfectly, having a pale bronze, green AND pink.

For the square I used an orange one from the new collection for a little color but of course a nice white will do quite nicely, and of course as its a wedding a white shirt is in place.

The rest are for the Black Suit with bronze Dress.  Although the suit shown is charcoal, black will work here as well however offering greater contrast.  Incidentally, bronze is a hard color with multiple shades and I don’t really know what color bronze we are referring but regardless, these will probably work.

With the second recent request I will be dedicating a page for requests.


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  1. Thank you so very much! Lets see if you change your mine or lean towards something with the addition of her sari pics!

    Wedding Day


    Pre Wedding – I dont have a suit for this but just doing something simpler

  2. OK. For the first pic ( http://i860.photobucket.com/albums/ab162/sbhaktaf1/20100525 ) , I might do something like this tie http://www.fourinhand.com/Product.asp?dept=1070&Product=FH60F-GF-11
    and this square


    I can picture that tomorrow AM for you.

    For this (Stunning and Rich Fabric)which looks like it has shell pink tinges in it:


    I would go with this tie http://www.fourinhand.com/Product.asp?dept=101002&Product=FH60I-GF-04-GD which has the golden satin and pink and brown stripes in it and a shell pink square or perhaps a while linen with baby pink trim.

    Not sure what you want to accomplish on the last outfit so I will wait for you to tell me.

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