The Event

Craaaaazy busy here, gearing up for major changes on our kids web site.

But I break for a customer with some options for an event to match the color of the following dress.

The Dress (At least the color):

And here are some options. The True color of the shirt is only visible at the last picture of the post, the rejection.

The square will not be the white linen and instead this one was chosen:

Oh…Incidentally…Mrs. Event Like the following combination but it was rejected by Mr. Event:

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Snakes and Sticks

As I sit down in my bedroom tonight to compose this post and I look over the pictures I took today I am reminded of a joke I heard from my Father and Mentor, Of Blessed Memory:

“A Ranger from a Green Berets unit was retelling his dreadful adventures in the boondocks in Vietnam.
“One day, I was walking on patrol along a path in the boondocks, and suddenly saw a snake.”
“What a horror!” a lady listener gasped.
“But when I came closer to it, I saw it wasn’t a snake at all, but a stick. My, wasn’t I terrified!”
“But if it wasn’t a snake but only a stick, why were you terrified?” asked another listener.

“Because,” the vet explained, “the stick I picked up to hit the snake with was a snake!”

When I snapped these pics I thought that the stronger contrast looked better in the ensemble. Now, in reviewing before posting, I am not so sure. I kinda like the soft blending of the tie and the shirt. The square gives a burst of color.

My snake was a stick, and my stick tuirned out to be a snake.

Your thoughts?

Got (more) Kids?

Greetings readers, I hope your weekend was nice!

Here is the second installment of Hickey Freeman Hist First shirts from my kids boutique with matching ties.

Have a great successful and happy week!

Pre Wrap Up

Heading into the final stretch for the seven and four fold series of ties that have to go are two more groups, shown first is the reddish burgundy seven fold against a blue shirt with a his first Hickey Freeman sports coat and accessorized (not a word) with a  paisley thats got burgundies in it.

With the square detail shown below:

I think though that this square while not being quiet is better matched with the brightness of the tie as the orange in the square was rubbing me a bit wrong.  Finally the shirt was switched for a soft lavender color one as well as swapping the jacket for the charcoal suit.

With the square in play here:

Of course the lavender shirt and charcoal suit calls for the lavender tie as so:

and once we swapped out the burgundy square we are probably best served with the linen square and lavender trimming shown below:

Enjoy the day!

Grey Pin Stripe Redux

FTWU, welcomes all NikeTalk readers, I hope you enjoy.  Feel free to stop by any time and feel free to request! (and thanks NiiDawg3 for the link. Much appreciated.)

Back to the matter of a matching purple tie to the charcoal grey that was requested a few days back.  I worked up a few purple or purple themed ties that went well with a charcoal grey pin stripe suit.  This first one was interesting because it used a dark navy satin based tie with mixes of lilac fuchsia (hot pink) and beige in it.  The shirt is a Hickey Freeman His First shirt (purple and light blue stripes) borrowed from the kids store and the square is white with a lilac trim to keep it simple.

Second up, the satin based tie with the black warp.

After seeing the photograph here I am thoroughly convinced that this tie is best at work against a white or white based shirt (like this)  for optimal contrast which is contrasted against a BLACK  or solid charcoal grey (really dark) suit.  Similar to this look (the flash photography makes the shirt look close to white.  In reality it’s grey.

Black Suit

Finally, here with a lavender colored dot tie.  Of the three I personally think that the last one is the best. (and to avoid the square trim matching the tie I swapped for a solid white.

Tomorrow a few more lighter color ties with this set and the black and white for the first tie.

Not Giving Up My Day Job

If you got a chance to read the about me page to the right you would have noticed that I dont just do this for fun, although I enjoy this part of the business immensely. I actually do this for a living in our kids shop. The men’s ties/accessories etc. is not yet a self sustaining (read, cant support a family on it just yet). And thats where you people step in :-).

Below are a few looks that I put together yesterday, mostly from our Hickey Freeman His First line. I’ll spare the links as most of it is only available in our kids store, but if you have a need of anything from the kids line, please feel free to reach out to us either here or at

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