We’re Half Way There (or, Kudos to Rich)

Rich is the senior sales person in the kids shop. This ensemble put together by him (minus pocket square) shows that he has it in him when he chooses to work on it.  The coral tie works with the navy seersucker blazer and the yellow shirt.  The seersucker (this particular one at least) is a navy seersucker blazer as opposed to the sometimes light blue.  That being the case, we are now half way towards a navy jacket/suit with a coral tie.

FTWU approves.

Minding the Chill

You people still there?

I took these pictures some time ago with the intention of posting them here, but never got around to it.

Unless your business is breaking legs while collecting money, in your typical business setting there really is no room for a dark shirt.  However in a clubbing setting (not the “Pay me or I will club you” Clubbing, I mean a night out on the town with some friends either male or female) it has a place as well as a more relaxed kids setting which is why we bought it in the first place.  If in fact you are gonna wear that dark shirt then make sure you do some sort of contrasting color in a jacket so that there are clear lines between the jacket and shirt.

So if you are in the mood to chill out feel free to don that dark navy shirt with a pin stripe cotton blazer from Hickey Freeman or Armani Junior as shown below.  In all cases shown with the contrast edge linen square to just throw a little brightness in.  A tie will defeat the goal you are looking for.  (Unless you do in fact break legs for a living…)

For some deep contrast go all the way out with this white/light blue cotton blazer from Hickey Freeman

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For Bill

Hey Bill:

This bud’s for you.  The contrast square with the previous ensemble, sans tie. (The tie would have worked, I was just photographing a Fendi houndstooth vest for the kids shop and the v-neck wouldn’t handle the tie well)

What say you?

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More Spring Addendum

For those that didn’t care for the orange square in the last ensemble, I offer up two options here in alternate squares:

And the classic off white linen shown here:

If ya didnt like the tie then you can swap with a more lively one and stick with the linen square to otherweise tone the ensemble down.

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More Spring Buildup

Happy 2011 to All!

Who am I kidding, its no longer a buildup to Spring. As far as fashion is concerned, Spring is happening as we speak.

Here is a second suit from Hickey Freeman His First Line that we received for the spring and here is the buildup, from shirt to complete ensemble:

Also a His First HF Shirt:  Soft Stripe almost Blue without being a solid Blue.

Added a tie that works well with the suit.  HOWEVER, its close to the suit color so some may not like it and I cannot argue. For that reason I chose a bright square as you shall see.

With the suit.  The suit color is a slate type gunmetal blue, not quite a navy.

Here is the square option I had.  Orange and blue tones make this right and Springy as well.

And here, the square in play completing the ensemble.

Have a great day!

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Something Personal for the Mailbag

I fielded a recent request from a reader about a yellow polkadot tie with  blue shirt and blue suit.  The question was as follows:

Hello, great blog!

I have a navy suit, a light blue shirt and a yellow tie with blue polka dots. Do you have any tips about a suiting handkerchief?

This picture is almost identical to my suit combination (except my tie has blue dots instead of blue squares):

Thanks in advance,


I was slightly embarrassed because I did not actually have a yellow tie with distinct blue circles in it.  I did have yellow and blue which is a nice combo but not dotted.

So I went home and tapped into my private stash for the photo shoot which wasnt a big deal since the object of the post was the square.    Shown below is a Marinella-Like thick twill four fold tie which ties a great knot. Paired with a light blue shirt and a multicolored square.  Is it the only option in squares for this ensemble?  Of course not.  In fact a light blue works (but I think its too much blue), and a white linen or cream (not a bad idea since the white is too bright and the cream is a blend between the yellow of the tie and blue of the suit without being too contrasty and out of left field).  I like this square because its got rich colors and all the colors coordinate.

Here the square poofed in the pocket:

And here with rolled edges showing:

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Vlog, Shmog

So here we are trying something new. It seems that the Video Blog i.e. VLOG is the New Blog. Here is FTWU’s forst foray into Video Blogging. I think though that until we get the lighting and etc in place we will still take some pics. Especially of finished product.

Meanwhile though here you go. Please take the poll at the end if you liked the concept.

The end result should be this:


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IP Man

Sometimes you see something in passing (IP = In Passing) that strikes you as done well even if it wasn’t intentionally done so.

After working with a customer a few days back some of the shirts and ties that were left in disarray were the lilac shirt with this blue and brown stripped tie lying on top. I thought it looked lovely together and came up with this look.  Pairing it with a navy striped suit, unfortunately the exposure of the camera doesn’t correctly reflect the blended look of the ensemble but as I was mainly trying to show the combination of the lilac shirt with the blue and brown of the tie I let it slide.

First I show the tie and shirt together showing how it works.

Next with the suit without a square:

Finally with a pastel floral square:  This particular square picks up the lilac of the shirt and matches well with the blue of the suit.

If you felt the square was a little too Summery I show a darker one here.  The browns of the square Winterize the look and i like the brown burg of the square with the suit. (The pic is not as clear as I thought it was, pardon me)

In play here:

Finally, as I am sure some of you were expecting something from the movie IP Man (amazing Martial Arts film) here are two great scenes from the movie:


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Hickey Freeman – Four In Hand – Tuesday’s Child, Togetha!

If you have been following me for a little you know that FTWU (From the waist up) is in reality the Blog of FIH (www.FourInHand.com) which is in reality a branch/division of/subsidiary of http://www.TuesdaysChild.com which is wholly owned by Tuesday’s Child Boutique, Inc. (which is pretty much the largest Luxury Brands shop for kids in the US if not the whole world.)

TC happens to sell Hickey Freeman His First and lots of it.  In fact many of the sportscoats pictured in this blog are Hickey Freeman Hist Firsts. This past season I took in some Hickey Freeman Suits for men as well.  Suits and some shirts etc.  (Unlike in my kids shop however these will be discounted.)  Lets see how that works.

Here is a solid Hickey Freeman suit with a Hickey Freeman pinstripe shirt and a navy dotted FIH Tie.  Nice in and of itself.  The square I chose was predominantly brown with traces of blue the color of the field of the tie.  I thought it worked well.

Again with the layering theme I added the beige Colombo Cashmere vest which worked in nicely with the blue suit and the tie.  It especially worked well to bring out the brown of the square.  If I thought that the square worked well before, here I was convinces.  (in truth I was angling for that so I wasnt surprised 😉 )

Here you have the look of the suit in its entirety.  Sharp!

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New Tie, Old Theme

I have discussed earlier (yeah, g’wan and click it, its a good post)  the idea and look of a textured sweater underneath a suit and the ensuing contrasting that you can use.

Here I was in the mood of retaking the cashmere vests from colombo cashmere and also in dire need of retaking a tie that I have taken yeterday but due to bad lighting chose to go to sleep instead of actually posting the darned thing with the following result:

I started with this the charcoal vest, the blue shirt and a green and black tie striped small patterned tie. All three colors work well enough for a sedate look.

I then added the Hickey Freeman Madison Suit in a Navy, thinking that the navy works well with the charcoal, the charcoal with the black and green and all the above well enough with the shirt. To liven it up just a little I chose a vintage floral green square.

Here I opened up the jacket just to show how nicely it blends together.

Of interesting note I probably wouldn’t have chosen the tie with the strong black presence in it as a first option for the navy suit but being buffered by the charcoal vest it went fine.

Have a great weekend!

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