Tie By Tie 4a (The Spoken Request)

Off to a Holiday party but here are some shots taken when I was in the store upon Jason’s request from the previous posts comment’s.

Links and commentary to follow at a later time:

EDIT: Links and comments inserted

Here is the English Twill Tie posted earlier against a French Blue shirt with the Hickey Freeman Jacket and Royal Blue Floral Square.  If you look closely you can see the blue in the jacket coming alive in with this shirt and square.

As Jason mentioned to me in an email (correctly so) the darker blue really makes the combo pop.  Not so with the Lighter blue shirt:

The lighter blue shirt with a white and blue pin dot tie and a light blue linen square.

And as per the original request the chevron tie in off white with the floral square.


I see the light

Light colored ties can be worn regularly and need not be reserved for affairs and elegant occasions so long as care is taken to highlight the tie by way of contrast with the shirt so that the tie stands out somewhat.

Here are some examples of the same two light colored ties and the differences the shirt can make in the overall appearance of the ensemble.

This English twill four fold tie goes from the somewhat drab against this white shirt:  (In all cases I utilized a white linen square so that it doesnt pull the eye away from the tie which is what I wanted to show)

To looking like this when placed against a blue shirt:

This white woven pin dotted tie looks like this against the white shirt:

But comes more alive when placed against the blue.

You don’t have to spend a million

You dont have to spend a million to look like a million.  Growing up that was a commercial from some thrift shop in the city. (yeah, they actually advertised on television, go figure).  Having been away for a the week for some Holidays I returned to a request of another wedding guest.  More toned down than up, a navy suit with white shirt and could I recommend a tie to go with it.

After a back and forth exchange, the impression I got was that  was that optimally this tie which is actually blue and not grey in real life would have been perfect.  But I also got the impression and quite concur that do you really have to spend 175 for a Marinella if you are just the guest and might not wear this tie again unless it was another similar occasion?

Here are some ideas in the light blue theme which are bright enough and wont have you taking our a second mortgage to pay for them.  A square was optional so I used the tried and true classic white linen, always acceptable and elegant.

In keeping with the theme of the post I went from most expensive to least, and incidentally I think the last is the best option.

This cotton silk blend has a wonderful sheen to it with its asymetrical fold is a heavy tie.   The twill weave of the tie gives a lovely texture as well.

This 4 fold is quite heavy as well and the netted weave makes this a delicate tie.  the satin stripe dresses it up a bit.

Textured as well but not as heavy, the dark navy squares bring it all together.  perhaps not dressy enough for our needs though.

Here, the white in the tie dresses this one up and gives a festive and cheerful appearance while the pin dots keep it from being too bright.

I have always like the marbleized  nature of this weave.  Its busy without actually having a design!

Finally, the piece de resistance! Elegant, classy busy enough and only 36 bucks.  Cant argue with that!

Dots and Stripes

Grumble Grumble…Again I have to resort to pulling requests off the search box queries. Sheesh…

Anyway, here goes:

I like this combination.  Some will tell you that stripes with stripes is a no go.  Here is gets pulled off quite well IMO.  According to Flusser one can get away with the same patterns (in this case stripes) when the stripes vary in size.  This ensemble bolsters that opinion.  That being said I would NOT put a stripe tie no matter what the width of the stripe is.  Thats being radical.

The Tie, The Shirt , Square and The Suit.

Smaller dots are still OK as in this tie.


And for something different but rather nice try a complete contrast to the shirt as in this Tie. which is matched with this square to give it a different twist.

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