Some Changes – While You Were Out

As we enter our second year of active posting on this undertaking here with readership at 300+ a day and growing I finally came to the conclusion that with weekend readership decreasing by about 30+% I might be better served to skip the Friday post and instead push it off till Monday, and here we are:

The second part of the title, “While you were out” addresses the Hickey Freeman sports coat that I had out already from the previous posts.  I figured that I could bring back the blue seven fold tie and work it in well to this jacket.  Here are the results:

Notice that the Brown in the tie works well with the brown in the jacket, the blue in the tie works well with the blue in the shirt as well as the royally blue pattern in the jacket.   For the square I left the blue version of the parasol square which has blues, burgundies (to work well with the brown), and creams as well.

Take a close up look at the detail on that square.  She is a Beaut!

Following the burgundy in the square I introduced the burgundy twill loosie (One of a kind) that I had on hand for this look.  Granted, its a little bit different.

Finally, using another thick twill loosie print I show the blue brown combo in a tie in play with three different shirts.  Technically this could have been the second post of the week but I think I short changed you a couple last week.  Oops!  🙂

With the solid Blue Shirt:

Swapped for a cream shirt (Cream and Brown is a go).

Then with the Hickey Freeman His First Brown Stripe.

Great Tie.  Great Ensembles.

Have a great week!

I Was Right!

Again 🙂

Well, at least I think so.

Yesterday I suggested that this combo and blue and brown tie would look better with the blue version of the parasol square.

Here is the blue:

With the ensemble looking like this:

You might find the square looking a little dark but the nature of these squares is that since they have so many colors on them we can adjust them to how we want them to be seen, more blue, more beige, more brown, or some burgundy and light brown.

Now if only I be right with the stock market… 🙂

Have a great weekend!

PS:  As I mentioned these ties (the past few days as indicated) are offered here at 40 off to readers of FTWU before I email blast the sale out which will be on Sunday some time.  Thanks to those that have bought already.  Enjoy!

Yet More Goodbyes

This series of seven and four fold mixes together some great color combos that we have discussed and pictured at length in the past.  Green with Blue as well as the blues with browns.  Pretty ties, but like the others, its time for them to go.

Yesterday I pretty much kept it to one pocket square.  This time I mixed and matched to get a little more variety and to match up what i thought was a better and more correct  option.

I started with the celadon  green and sky blue four or seven fold tie again, against the light blue shirt with the navy blue suit and matched up the geometric vintage square for this look.

I thought though that with the green and blue in the tie we could do better with a green square and decided on this large paisley floral piece:

Which looks like this in play:

Below is the navy version of the same tie.  Again, the predominantly blue color invites the earth tones of the brown right in.  While I probably would have been better off with the blue version of this parasol square I went with the brown for this look:

Which looks like this:

For another option at the square I took this brown small paisley pattern for this look:

In play here:

Tomorrow maybe I will do some options on the navy version.  Meanwhile, have a great day!

Tie By Tie 10 (Been there done that)

I have done something similar to this in my post a browner brown but then it was with a blue shirt.  Here we went with a light purple (Hickey Freeman His First) shirt, the eggplant colored tie and the blue (to mix things up a bit ) parasol pocket square.  The high res picture can be seen here and its worth a look as it better depicts the texture and color of the tie and how it blends with the outfit.

Here is a detail of the square.  The flash hit the silk in a way to show the woven in swirl pattern which is usually not visible without studying the square.

Finally, this tie is one that I skipped over when we ordered for the men and we only did it for the kids.  Despite it selling very well for the kids I have no regrets not ordering it for the men as I felt it was too busy.  I did mention this before in a Q&A post when the question of Burgundy with Olive came up.  Here though I would recommend switching the square for a plain one as this tie is all you need in the busy department 🙂

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Tie By Tie # 3 (Variations by Request)

Yesterday I got a request to mix these ties up a little with patterned sportcoats, and today I deliver:

Here is yesterday’s tie paired with 2 Hickey Freeman His First sports coats.  I used the His First line as that is what I had ready and available from my kids shop.  In fact I liked the black check one so much I ordered it for myself.  The texture in the wool jackets works well with the texture of the tie and this time fearing texture overload I left the shirt a non textured blue tone on tone.  For the square I used the parasol but this time in the Navy version to bring out the Navy in the black jacket and to complement the brown jacket as well.

For your viewing pleasure:

And the square up close.  Note how the Square works against the shirt and picks up the blue in the jacket:

Switching coats to the Brown Hickey Freeman His First gives you this. (Brown and Blue is great together so the shirt is really nice here:

With the square tucked away:

Dots and Stripes

Grumble Grumble…Again I have to resort to pulling requests off the search box queries. Sheesh…

Anyway, here goes:

I like this combination.  Some will tell you that stripes with stripes is a no go.  Here is gets pulled off quite well IMO.  According to Flusser one can get away with the same patterns (in this case stripes) when the stripes vary in size.  This ensemble bolsters that opinion.  That being said I would NOT put a stripe tie no matter what the width of the stripe is.  Thats being radical.

The Tie, The Shirt , Square and The Suit.

Smaller dots are still OK as in this tie.


And for something different but rather nice try a complete contrast to the shirt as in this Tie. which is matched with this square to give it a different twist.

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