Tie By Tie 15 (The Green Lantern)

Here is a dark pea green tweed Hickey Freeman His First jacket that we did in the kids shop which was  rather nice but not your run of the mill.  Green works well with blues of all sorts as I have illustrated in the past, so I chose a Hickey Freeman Blue narrow striped shirt.  Rounded out with the brown and blue floral patterned tie and a multicolored flowerpot square.   As the sportscoat is pretty much patternless, I was comfortable using more busy accouterments in the way of a striped shirt and patterned tie and square.  Your result is this: (I’ll venture out of the realm of this blog by suggesting a chocolate brown flannel pant to complete the ensemble).  (And for outerwear you are safe with a camel or caramel colored coat, like this one. and any of many scarves from my site.)

With a square detail here (get a load of the vibrancy of those colors!):

While the colors “match” here, I thought that this tie, not having enough contrast fell flat against the green of the jacket and blue of the shirt.  Additionally while the dominant stripes of the tie are wider spaced, when you blow it up the underlying stripes are too closely matched in size, causing the stripes in the tie to conflict with the stripes in the shirt. (see Alan Flusser in “Dressing the Man” for more on this)



Strange but true.  Lighter colors, seem to imply a sense of bright sun, freshness, outdoorsiness, hence the concept of Spring Colors (lighter, pastelly, fresher etc. ) exists.

By contrast, insert darker colors and get a sense of darkening skies, seriousness, Somberness and in general a more foreboding picture.

As far as seasons go I Personally prefer Fall. 🙂

Here are some visuals on the concept. (Try to foget the fact that the suit is a flannelly wool.  I am trying to convey an idea.)

The light colored Springlike tie in pastelly Orange



The same except for the tie:



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But Not Impossible

We ended yesterday with how sometimes it may be difficult to find a correct match to a nice sportscoat, and for the solution we went with the lining and the stitching/buttons on the coat.

As you get more comfortable, you can use your feel for colors. or better yet, ideas and concepts.

When you get a blues/greys/olives, go with color families.  Here the common ground will be earthy tones.  Olive, Blue, etc.  Complement accordingly.  The yellow shirt, Brown Tie, Rust and Green Square which are all earthy based (without looking like a tree I might add) make them a good combination.

Incidentally although I didnt mention this yesterday a navy pant is magnificient with this combo.


Same Square, Orange, teal and light blue striped tie.  An interestingly textured tie.

The navy in this tie picks up on the navy in the jacket.  Of course the greens working together is a natural.  The square provides a rich burst of color.

A softer blue tie.  Unfortunately the light didnt show this well, but in real life its less clear blue and more green tinged.


PS:  I tried to get the spelling right, dont kill me CG.

PPS:  I forgive you SM for swapping me out for Gear Patrol.  Gear Patrol?!?  On second thought…  🙂

Can’t See The Suit for the Trees

Recognising that in that last post confusing brown we introduced some very earth tone combinations i.e. the brown with the green stripe shirt, I wanted to try and pull a bit away from being confused with a tree by bringing in a light blue and some other bright colors.  True, that blues and reds would technically qualify as “earth tones”  but they arent quite something that you would expect to see up in a tree…

Here is the shirt/Suit in question, Brown for Bark, Green for leaves (incidentally most of the shirts pictured below and in the preceeding post were Hickey Freeman His First shirts that I borrowed from our Kids Shop…)  Certainly somewhat treelike:

Throwing in some Light Blue in the tie and red in the square (Speckled with Blue and trimmed with Green mind you) which IMO works well will give you this look:

Which is the sum of these parts:

Away from the blue tie and with a brown tie to complement the suit your look will be this, a nice look:

Moving somewhat away from the darkish Green shirt we use another shirt that we highlighted last post.  This has some purple and some green in it on an off  white field and with the same square and green tie (now that we have broken away from the dark green we can afford the green tie)  we get a look like this:

Here the shirt and tie match well together and come back to the suit in complementary colors.

Incidentally its the sum of these parts.  As you can see, there is NOTHING here that doesnt coordinate.

I also put it together with another patterned green tie and to be honest I find the sage color in this tie a little too “meh” in this combination , not standing out enough against the shirt so while the tie in and of itself is nice its not enough here.

Finally, coming fully away from the green shirt we bring yet another shirt from yesterdays post which in and of itself brings out what we have been saying all along, Brown and Blue go really well together.  Coupled with the Satin fielded Rectangular patterns tie you get this look:

Swapping out the red square for a navy and golden brown (still not on the site yet) will give you this:

Which is the sum of these parts:

As a final note its important to mention that in earthy combinations like the ones above, skin tone i.e. complexion will play a massive role.

3 Ties 3 Looks

As I had the Sportcoat and Shirt out already from the last post I figured I would end the week with the jacket and put some more tie options with it.
The ingredients in the first ensemble are as follows. The boldness of the green tie against the backdrop of the shirt makes it a nice addition to the brown sportscoat (which incidentally has some blue in it as well) .  I used the predominently blue square with a touch of green to pick it all up a little and get somewhat away from the potential drabness of the olive colored jacket. By no means is this a drab jacket but when played incorrectly it could be.

Which comes together looking like this:

Swapping out the tie for a brown toned tie with light blue in the flower will give you this look:

And ending it all with a burgundy cashmere silk blend you get this look. Enough in there without being too much.

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