Couple More ere the Weekend

Just another sportscoat and shirt combo with the same tie to show just how much use one can get from a pindot tie.

Medium Blue Shirt paired with the Same tie, a Hickey Freeman His First Sportcoat, and the navy vintage square.

Made up of this:

You see the pindot accomplishes a second color without restricting to a particular pattern (unlike stripes and paisleys which tend to restrict the backdrops to less busy on account of their being busy enough.)

Chew on it over the weekend.


PS:  In case you missed it I am on sale on Suits and Coats at half price.

Yet more dots

Same tie as last post.  Same Shirt as last post.  Two different applications. (and two different squares.)

First up, Navy Shadow pin stripe suit with light blue shirt and a vintage square.

Light Grey Suit with blue pin stripes  Matches well with the light blue shirt and light blue and ecru square.

Again the burgundy tie picks it all up.

Back with more Pindots

OK.  Back and ready to go.  Other than meeting one of the Colombo Cashmere Owners, Roberto Colombo, we were sadly dissapointed about the trip this time as the kids lines (which is what we go for for the most part) was uninspiring.  I did order some really nice ties for the coming season as well as some new squares and some contrast border squares for somewhat immediate arrival.

Anyway, back to the Pindot discussion.

Here you have two colors of the same patterned tie (both are four folds), together with a light Blue mildly textured weave shirt (not really sure as to what you might call the fabric) and a black (yes black) lightly windowpane checked suit.  The Lighter Color tie is probably more useful albeit less dressy.  The darker is for more serious events.  Either way very usable in being there but not too much.

Made up of this. I particularly like this square as it can end up looking like so many different squares. Here the gold hits against the starkness of the black suit and dark tie popping a little.

Using the lighter tie you get a more bright look (not screaming but more awake). Square remains the same.

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