3 For the Little/Not So Little Guys

Greetings all!

After a very enjoyable and restful weekend I gear up for an Italian Trip this week for our kids shop Tuesday’s Child but not before Fall/Winter gets underway in the store.  In fact UPS quantum view tell me that 21 boxes of Diesel will be rolling in tomorrow which promises for a busy day.

Here are a few items that came in from our Hickey Freeman Fall Line. I left out the pocket squares simply because they are less used in kids wear.  In retakes that I will (or wont) take over the next few days I may show some options but due to the tight schedule I will probably have I doubt it.

Paired here with a Brown trouser.

Olive base, Black checks and fine Orange/Rust Checks make the rust tie appropriate as wall as the black pants shown below.  A dark black/green tie would also work here.(And that I might just force myself to fine the time and retake as it was what my minds eye first visualized.)

With the Black Pants:

Finally, a Medium Grey Suit with a feint blue pin stripe which I thought classy to pair with the shirt and tie below.

Have a great week all!

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Some Changes – While You Were Out

As we enter our second year of active posting on this undertaking here with readership at 300+ a day and growing I finally came to the conclusion that with weekend readership decreasing by about 30+% I might be better served to skip the Friday post and instead push it off till Monday, and here we are:

The second part of the title, “While you were out” addresses the Hickey Freeman sports coat that I had out already from the previous posts.  I figured that I could bring back the blue seven fold tie and work it in well to this jacket.  Here are the results:

Notice that the Brown in the tie works well with the brown in the jacket, the blue in the tie works well with the blue in the shirt as well as the royally blue pattern in the jacket.   For the square I left the blue version of the parasol square which has blues, burgundies (to work well with the brown), and creams as well.

Take a close up look at the detail on that square.  She is a Beaut!

Following the burgundy in the square I introduced the burgundy twill loosie (One of a kind) that I had on hand for this look.  Granted, its a little bit different.

Finally, using another thick twill loosie print I show the blue brown combo in a tie in play with three different shirts.  Technically this could have been the second post of the week but I think I short changed you a couple last week.  Oops!  🙂

With the solid Blue Shirt:

Swapped for a cream shirt (Cream and Brown is a go).

Then with the Hickey Freeman His First Brown Stripe.

Great Tie.  Great Ensembles.

Have a great week!

The Old Ways Are The Best Ways

;lYesterday and the days preceding we worked with the ties I wanted to move being highlighted and not the backdrop. For comparison, here is one of the combos. Go ahead and blow up the square photo and see how well it goes with the jacket and tie:

Lets look a little at changing up the backdrop and see what we get:

Here I introduced a vintage print tie (The old ways are the bet ways, get it?) The blue surrounding the circles work in to the blue in the jacket.  Same with the blue in the square.

Here as well the blues in the tie work back to the blue in the jacket.

Tomorrow some more variations.


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Drowning in Pictures

To make up for the lost pics of yesterday I will drown you tonight in photos 🙂

The downside on all that is that until tomorrow when I have more time I will not be writing all that much text.  Lets face it though, you don’t come here for my words, you come here for my pictures, and here they are:

Until tomorrow, friends!  Cheers!

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Escapees in Brown

As mentioned yesterday and earlier as well, we can use a pink tie for both navy and brown suits. (Black and gray as well but thats not the subject of our discussion just now.)

As promised, here is the same pink tie with a brown suit. I could have left the blue shirt but felt it worked better with the ecru (cream).

For the the square you can use an earthy toned one like this floral print.

Shown in play here:

Or you can swap for a more visually rich one, like the parasol in brown shown below.

Have a great weekend!

Dissenting Opinion

Last Night Almurtadza, commented that he preferred the rust tie combo with the jacket since it complemented the jacket, shirt and pocket square.

Here is the pic in discussion:

While I cannot argue a personal preference, my own personal preference is to avoid a jacket of this hue with a tie of that color for the simple reason that the tie brings out the orange in the jacket and really highlights it.

Other options that can tolerate a tie of that nature might be something like this, which uses a cream shirt, Hickey Freeman brown plaid jacket, the orange tie and the orangeish square.

If the orange square appears too matchy to the tie (I cant say you are way off there, ) here is a multicolor square that uses the earth tones of the jacket and adds some other colors to the mix (burgundy, blue etc.)

Here is the square detail:

And your complete ensemble look.

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The Right Green

Sometimes you might realize that a sport coat and shirt combo is well paired with a certain color accessory (tie or square) but you wont be too sure of which tone of that color works. In that case its best to put them all against the counterparts and eyeballing them all to see which you are most comfortable with.

Here is what I mean:

The brown jacket works well with a light blue shirt and the orange square and all those colors would work really well with a green tie (as you saw yesterday) but which green is the right green?

The Marinella Hunter green tie with flowers?

The navy and Green beehive?

The lime green Marinella?

The Deep Dark Bottle Green?

Or the pistachio green?  They all work but personally I am leaning towards this one.   And you?

More or Less (Or Less is More)

Some times too many patterns and colors looks just like there are too many patterns and colors  in that case you dont want to overdo the look with a loud tie and square.  Keep one or the other, but not both.  This is illustrated with the below shots.  Here the red and green vintage patterned tie with the heavily pattered sports coat from Hickey Freeman, which is served well with a solid blue linen square.

With a more sedate colored tie we can get more lively with the square (a new issue, and quite vibrant at that).

Shown tucked away like this:

While the blue works as the colors simply do and in fact there is a blue stripe in the coat (go ahead, blow up the pic and see) some might find the tie too much.  To that end I offer this green twill weave\.  Soft and nice.

Tucked away and complete like this, a nice look.


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Tie By Tie 17 (More of the Littles)

Continuing along with some more small patterns and small spaced pin stripe shirts I show a brown suit, burgundy pin striped shirt (both suit and shirt from the His First Hickey Freeman line) and a turquoise/teal patterned tie with the flower pot multi colored square.    This particular colored tie clashed with the blue pin stripe shirt so I used the burgundy.  Incidentally you can swap the brown suit used here for a navy suit and it will look fine as well.

With a detail of the square here.

Against the more calming and sedate shirt the effect is so:

What did work with the blue shirt was the rust colored tie in the same mini floral pattern shown here:

Tie By Tie 14 (4 at one Blow)

Like Mickey, the hero in Disney’s Brave Little Tailor (Video Link Below) , I easily could have done 7 ties at one blow, or rather with this one background of the brown suit/blue shirt, Large painted paisley square that was out from yesterday but I figured that four would suffice.

Here you have “4 at one blow”! (and call me a dolt but I just figured out that I could size pics for regular viewing and have those same pics clickable to reveal the high res., so feel free to click on any picture you like to get the real up close and personal story 🙂

Lead off is a a no brainer tie,   Brown with blue warp and stripes.

A little more daring, orange, slate blue, tans and light browns.  All work nicely with the brown suit and blue shirt.

This, an orange and blue paisley is one of those ties that has a blue warp so depending on how you hold it is what you see.  In general,  Blue + Brown + Light Orange = Nice.

Finally, a navy satin field with blue and brown and Burgundy stripes.

And as promised, here is the Disney Classic:

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