Pre Wrap Up

Heading into the final stretch for the seven and four fold series of ties that have to go are two more groups, shown first is the reddish burgundy seven fold against a blue shirt with a his first Hickey Freeman sports coat and accessorized (not a word) with a  paisley thats got burgundies in it.

With the square detail shown below:

I think though that this square while not being quiet is better matched with the brightness of the tie as the orange in the square was rubbing me a bit wrong.  Finally the shirt was switched for a soft lavender color one as well as swapping the jacket for the charcoal suit.

With the square in play here:

Of course the lavender shirt and charcoal suit calls for the lavender tie as so:

and once we swapped out the burgundy square we are probably best served with the linen square and lavender trimming shown below:

Enjoy the day!

Some Changes – While You Were Out

As we enter our second year of active posting on this undertaking here with readership at 300+ a day and growing I finally came to the conclusion that with weekend readership decreasing by about 30+% I might be better served to skip the Friday post and instead push it off till Monday, and here we are:

The second part of the title, “While you were out” addresses the Hickey Freeman sports coat that I had out already from the previous posts.  I figured that I could bring back the blue seven fold tie and work it in well to this jacket.  Here are the results:

Notice that the Brown in the tie works well with the brown in the jacket, the blue in the tie works well with the blue in the shirt as well as the royally blue pattern in the jacket.   For the square I left the blue version of the parasol square which has blues, burgundies (to work well with the brown), and creams as well.

Take a close up look at the detail on that square.  She is a Beaut!

Following the burgundy in the square I introduced the burgundy twill loosie (One of a kind) that I had on hand for this look.  Granted, its a little bit different.

Finally, using another thick twill loosie print I show the blue brown combo in a tie in play with three different shirts.  Technically this could have been the second post of the week but I think I short changed you a couple last week.  Oops!  🙂

With the solid Blue Shirt:

Swapped for a cream shirt (Cream and Brown is a go).

Then with the Hickey Freeman His First Brown Stripe.

Great Tie.  Great Ensembles.

Have a great week!

Con Te Partiro – Time To Say Good Bye!

No Sillies, not to me. I am having lots of fun here 🙂

But its time to say good bye to some of the older merchandise that I have in the store, like this series. (and the next few days of posts).

Before I put them on the clearance page I offer them to my readers at 40% off for hand made in Italy saddle stitch four and seven fold ties.

All shown here with a navy blue suit and light blue shirt with a blue and cream flowers square.


The blue and brown horizontal stripe

With the Square detail here:

Navy Tie:

Orange Tie:

And Burgundy:

And finally as I “borrowed” the name of the song for the title of the post, I would be remiss in not posting the you tube video of Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman:

Enjoy (I always do)!


I hope your weekend was wonderful!

Here are some loosies that were taken yesterday, as I was away from the store all day today. By loosies I mean ties that I didnt get in quantities but instead got as a closeout from a supplier alot of different styles but only a few or in some cases one per style. I still am not sure why I buy them as they arent worth the effort, but here we are.

Shown here with a striped suit and striped shirt Both from the Hickey Freeman His First (and here the stripes may be overdone as the purple dominant stripes in the shirt downplay the light blue stripe and the resultant effect is similarly spaced stripes between the suit and the shirt, a no no in many cases) and a white linen square with purple trim.

Switched the tie for the burgundy version as so:

And here with the patterned four fold which also serves to tone down the stripes.

Have a great week!

From the Mailbag

Occasionally we get requests from passers by.  Here is a recent comment posted on the about me page.


I am getting married soon. I looked at your website and specially the pictures and thought you might be the best person to answer this. Its a pretty useful website. Great job man!

So my fiancee has already bought a dress which is pink along those lines ( I am wearing a charcoal suit and trying to match up with her on this color. I know a white shirt with a pink tie would be perfect, but I don’t want to wear a white shirt (as much as possible). Here are my preferences:
1) I love bright ties.
2) I don’t want to mix match a lot of colors. Fewer the colors the better.
3) I want to be very careful with the pink.

Could you recommend me a few combinations of shirts, ties and pocket squares?

Thanks in advance,

Being that the Pink is a fuchsia and any tie that is closely related to it would be really bright I thought to introduce ties and squares that were of the same tones (pinks and burgundies and the colors in between.)

Here are some things that came to mind (it has been a long day so I will reserve comment and links for the AM):

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Not Giving Up My Day Job

If you got a chance to read the about me page to the right you would have noticed that I dont just do this for fun, although I enjoy this part of the business immensely. I actually do this for a living in our kids shop. The men’s ties/accessories etc. is not yet a self sustaining (read, cant support a family on it just yet). And thats where you people step in :-).

Below are a few looks that I put together yesterday, mostly from our Hickey Freeman His First line. I’ll spare the links as most of it is only available in our kids store, but if you have a need of anything from the kids line, please feel free to reach out to us either here or at

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