Spring Looks

Here is a Hickey Freeman Silk and Wool Jacket with a light blue shirt, shown first with a rose pink linen square and then with a light blue square. In all cases the shirt is the same as is the tie, this satin based tri stripe number from the Spring 10 collection.

In this case I introduced some more color and pattern with this vintage floral paisley square.  I thought it gave a nice shock of color and being green with burgundy highlights blended well with the other elements of the ensemble.

With the square detail here:


Tie By Tie 9b (More Showing Off)

I like this tie.  After using it with the charcoal suit that was out, I thought we should take it one step further and put it to use with a Navy Suit, Light Blue Shirt and complementary Green with silver floral Square:

And then for a little spin on things, lets keep the blue shirt but swap the navy suit for a brown suit to show just how far this tie, with the pink silver and ecru stripe can go.

With a square detail here:

Now, lets bring in the pink shirt which also works nicely with the brown suit.  Swap the square out for, the parasol square in the brown tones and this is what you get, (with a High Res of the ensemble here).  I liked the way this combo came out so much that had I not been lazy I would have used it as the tie shot on the site. (It did help that the flash was higher power and less yellow tones showed on the tie than yesterdays post).

Here is the square detail with the high res here.

Your Thoughts?

Tie By Tie 7 (Pink and Burgundy)

When it comes to classic men’s clothing and other matters sartorial,  Will Boehlke the author of A Suitable Wardrobe is a veritable wellspring of knowledge.  About a month ago on StyleForum.net Will commented that pink and maroon naturally compliment each other.  I don’t always agree with Will when it comes to color coordination but with pink and maroon, I think he’s got it right.

Here are some pictures that bear that thought out.  (If you look at the high res shot you will see that the tie itself is a deep burgundy/maroon with  stripes of pink (as well as gold) in it and is quite nice even before you put it with a shirt, suit and square.)

In the first shot we show the charcoal grey suit with pink shirt with floral square again and here enhanced with the burgundy tie.  If you look at the tie you will see that its one with a different colored warp (or weft, I don’t remember which is which) and that accounts for the shimmering iridescence and the multi dimensional appearance of the tie.

Swapping the shirt for a light blue textured weave will give you a softer yet no less nice effect.

And here you have the detail of the square.

Tie By Tie # 1

Lead off is a series of ties that were really popular in the first run I had ever done, the wide chevron weave.  Of course, as we went along I made significant changes in the construction that would overall increase the value of the ties, to wit, wool interlinings, self tipping, and bar tack closures.  In the maiden run there were only two colors done but as we went along the reorder increased to 5 different colors.

Here I show the Navy and Pink Weave with a light blue textured shirt and a navy suit.  The square is a small floral print in Navy.

If you have been following you will know that I am a fan of Blues with Pinks, and while the tie is nice enough in its own right being blue and pink, I think that the pink shirt adds some flavor to the ensemble as well.

Here is what the square looks like out of the pocket.

The red and white version (which was one of the two colors of the first run) is vibrant enough to wake up even a white shirt as I show it below.

Of course, red white and Light Blue shirt is nice as well.

For a little more vibrancy in the pocket square I brought this rainbow square in, but wanted to be careful that it shouldn’t be positioned so that it looks too matched with the tie, something that in general one should avoid.  As the reds are not a proper match, the risk is less but still…

Which looks like this tucked in.

Of interesting and humorous note, when I first showed these ties (the red) to a couple of people, I got comments like “Cat in the Hat?” but they sold right out!

Back with more Pindots

OK.  Back and ready to go.  Other than meeting one of the Colombo Cashmere Owners, Roberto Colombo, we were sadly dissapointed about the trip this time as the kids lines (which is what we go for for the most part) was uninspiring.  I did order some really nice ties for the coming season as well as some new squares and some contrast border squares for somewhat immediate arrival.

Anyway, back to the Pindot discussion.

Here you have two colors of the same patterned tie (both are four folds), together with a light Blue mildly textured weave shirt (not really sure as to what you might call the fabric) and a black (yes black) lightly windowpane checked suit.  The Lighter Color tie is probably more useful albeit less dressy.  The darker is for more serious events.  Either way very usable in being there but not too much.

Made up of this. I particularly like this square as it can end up looking like so many different squares. Here the gold hits against the starkness of the black suit and dark tie popping a little.

Using the lighter tie you get a more bright look (not screaming but more awake). Square remains the same.

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