Flash Back

In yesterday’s post I referenced how I had worked the small check olive sportscoat from Hickey Freeman.

Here is pretty much what I had done, shown with the ecru twill shirt and Navy and Green Tie.  I kept the floral square in the first shot:

Liking the navy introduction I swapped the earthy tones of the square for a navy and green vintage square

Which comes together looking like this:

And here it all is when you swap the green tie for a predominantly navy polka dot tie.

Have a great weekend all!

Tie By Tie 16 (Almost Weekend Edition)

This feller is gonna have to be edited later to provide links, and reasoning.   I meanwhile wanted to get the pics up and running. Feel Free to comment before I do! Have a great weekend all!


Here is the same jacket from yesterday in Olive/Green with a blue pin stripe shirt (also a Hickey Freeman His First) shown together with a Navy Polka Dot tie, and accompanied by a Navy and Red floral Square:  The idea here was that the navy would work with the green jacket especially when the jacket was broken up by the shirt.

Here is your closeup of the colors of the square.

To add a little diversity in the color  and to bring the shirt closer to the red in the square I swapped the blue stripped HF for a Red Striped with this look:

Back to the Blue striped shirt with an unlined Attolini print.  The tie is almost a teal like blue which works nicely into the jacket, as it blends the colors of the jacket and the shirt together.

Grey and Black, Grey and Navy

Grey and black work perfectly together.  As I have mentioned in the past, Grey is in the black family.

But Grey in all its colors works well with Navy as well.

Here are some examples of Grey with Black and Grey with Navy.

The Black taffeta silk with the unfinished stripe and the orange and black paisley square works into the grey with the light blue shirt

What a stunning intricate square!

Here with a navy mini paisley and blue toned square.

And here with a blue fielded polka dot.

Dots and Stripes

Grumble Grumble…Again I have to resort to pulling requests off the search box queries. Sheesh…

Anyway, here goes:

I like this combination.  Some will tell you that stripes with stripes is a no go.  Here is gets pulled off quite well IMO.  According to Flusser one can get away with the same patterns (in this case stripes) when the stripes vary in size.  This ensemble bolsters that opinion.  That being said I would NOT put a stripe tie no matter what the width of the stripe is.  Thats being radical.

The Tie, The Shirt , Square and The Suit.

Smaller dots are still OK as in this tie.


And for something different but rather nice try a complete contrast to the shirt as in this Tie. which is matched with this square to give it a different twist.

Running With It

I kinda Like the Blazer/Shirt combo we last posted so I am gonna run with it.


Blues, Browns, Beiges and a little color (in this case Orange).  They work really well.

Here you have a small herringbone striped tie which brings in alot of colors, blue and lighter blues etc. but you get a look at the orange as thats the strongest color here.  The square give a nice contrast to the ensemble.


Too many stripes?

Some can argue that this tie has too many (similar in size to the shirt) stripes.

Some may feel that the Tie in this picture is a little too light for me. Matches too well with the sportcoat.  I cant argue with that line of logic but it doesnt disqualify the tie despite it. 

Too Light a Tie?

Too Light a Tie?

The following tie is always a classic.  In fact I will revisit it soon because dots this size and anything under this size really works well almost everywhere.  Any larger sized dots tend to look clowny.  The square being off white tones down the contrast that the tie brings in, while working well with the jacket in its own right.



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