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Anyway, I was informed that the following jacket which I have been labeling as a sports coat is in fact part of a suit but that would not make a difference here.

Here are some suggestions for the Black Check suit sent to me, I welcome thoughts and comments.  (Votes are nice too 🙂 )

I was torn between these two squares, the ovals or the painted Paisley in rust and Black  which I show in this shot.  Meanwhile I went with the one on the right, a rich favorite of mine.

This tie shows more red here in the pic but its a ruby red grapefruit color in actuality.  A rather rich color as well.

The burgundy cashmere/silk blend works but it doesn’t much more than a subtle hello. (which is fine 😉 )

I love this tie, and I like the way that it gives color and life without having any burgundy in it. Its got greys, purple, rust and I think  it looks really nice here.  Quite probably my first choice with this jacket.

For some more on the subject, if you have been following my blog for a bit you will know that I posted about a similar jacket with similar coloration.  It was a Brioni suit but withlarger window panes.  Here is the post as well as here.  It bears looking over as I think the colors are similar even if the Brioni was more slated to a grey brown and this is a more distinct black check.

The Buffer Zone

Another added benefit when layering is that it creates a buffer between a smooth fabric and a textured tie.  Ordinarily one would try and avoid mixing and matching textures but here you get some leeway being that the layer creates a buffer between fabrics and textures.

Here are some visuals. (The first two ties are less of an issue as even though they are cashmere blends since they have a fine finish.  The third also is not that big a deal as its a thicker weave.  Tomorrow though I will add some additional pics to further illustrate as well as to show what it looks like with and without the layer).

I rather like the effect that this cashmere blended tie gives the ensemble, with its strong contrast against the vest.

This burgundy cashmere silk blend gives a soft introduction of color into the set.

A knitted woven burgundy tie goes a little more bold and further illustrates the point, as its got texture. Technically one could get away with this kind of knit with a smooth finished wool. Definitely so if it was a silk.

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3 Ties 3 Looks

As I had the Sportcoat and Shirt out already from the last post I figured I would end the week with the jacket and put some more tie options with it.
The ingredients in the first ensemble are as follows. The boldness of the green tie against the backdrop of the shirt makes it a nice addition to the brown sportscoat (which incidentally has some blue in it as well) .  I used the predominently blue square with a touch of green to pick it all up a little and get somewhat away from the potential drabness of the olive colored jacket. By no means is this a drab jacket but when played incorrectly it could be.

Which comes together looking like this:

Swapping out the tie for a brown toned tie with light blue in the flower will give you this look:

And ending it all with a burgundy cashmere silk blend you get this look. Enough in there without being too much.

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