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Sizing Matters.

It the single most important factor in men’s and children’s tailored clothing as well and its so often done incorrectly.  It will take an otherwise perfectly planned ensemble and destroy it.

Granted, for men’s people are less reluctant to sacrifice correct size considering that the useful shelf life on a man’s suit can be as long as the suit lasts however with kids clothing, people like to try to squeeze a few seasons out of the item and the results are borderline if not completely ridiculous.

Here is an example that I pulled off a “competitors” website.

Note the shoulders coming off the kids frame and the lapels that go down to the kids belly button. Furthermore the torso of the jacket extends halfway between the thigh and the knee.  It doesnt look good opened and pulled back, and when buttons or hanging closed it will look dreadful.

Don’t wast your money on an item thats two sizes too big because you will lose the entire effect that you are going for.  Unless of course you are going for that unemployed unkempt “I can get away with wearing my Dad’s Jacket” look, but after having spent between 250 to 400 for the jacket alone, we highly doubt you are.

We’re Half Way There (or, Kudos to Rich)

Rich is the senior sales person in the kids shop. This ensemble put together by him (minus pocket square) shows that he has it in him when he chooses to work on it.  The coral tie works with the navy seersucker blazer and the yellow shirt.  The seersucker (this particular one at least) is a navy seersucker blazer as opposed to the sometimes light blue.  That being the case, we are now half way towards a navy jacket/suit with a coral tie.

FTWU approves.

Buildup to Spring Summer

As we enter into the final month of the calendar year and head into the Winter (which doesn’t actually start till December 22th,) its always nice to focus on the bright spots of the future. With that in mind I bring you a buildup to Summer called so as I ran the pics here in a buildup of how one might get dressed.

Shown here is the first delivery of Spring 2011 from the Hickey Freeman His First collection for and the Brick and Mortar store.

Shirt (Blue, Yellow and White Medium stripe):

Shirt with Scrolling Vines Tie (also from Hickey Freeman.)

Shirt and Tie Paired with Hickey Freeman Wool and Cotton Sportscoat in a Whitish Blue.

Looking to give a little oomph of color to the ensemble I threw in the striped square.  Very vibrant and rich colors here which all work back to the shirt and ensemble as a whole.

Finally your finished product here.  Sharp and Elegant.

And oh…I happen to love the Winter 😉

Pre Wrap Up

Heading into the final stretch for the seven and four fold series of ties that have to go are two more groups, shown first is the reddish burgundy seven fold against a blue shirt with a his first Hickey Freeman sports coat and accessorized (not a word) with a  paisley thats got burgundies in it.

With the square detail shown below:

I think though that this square while not being quiet is better matched with the brightness of the tie as the orange in the square was rubbing me a bit wrong.  Finally the shirt was switched for a soft lavender color one as well as swapping the jacket for the charcoal suit.

With the square in play here:

Of course the lavender shirt and charcoal suit calls for the lavender tie as so:

and once we swapped out the burgundy square we are probably best served with the linen square and lavender trimming shown below:

Enjoy the day!

Red – Only the Brave

Its a popular misconception about red.  Bulls do not charge the matador when they see him or her waiving that red cape.  They do not see color (or so I have been led to believe).  
That being said there is something quite bold in a red article of clothing that catches our attention.  Admit it, It wasn’t just Neo. You also focused on the woman in red in The Matrix.

Here are some pics to ponder. As you can see the red was paired with blue and it works quite well. Later we will go elsewhere with red. 

I am fine tuning the camera, bu tyou get a general idea with the blues about the looks you can expect.  As I comment below, the suit is medium blue and you will see on subsequent posts just how much stronger the red gets when paired with a darker navy.


Here a red tie criss crossed (criss cross Larry, crissss crossss) with blue.  In fact to create the stripe the tie has a blue warp which gives it depth of a blue nature.  The square is from the new collection.  The shirt, always the same patterned blue on blue.

Here you have a blend of red and others that works well with the tie.  It gives the overall red look without being as bold as the others.

A popular seller, this shows the full effect a bold red tie can give you. Of course its not solid red so the punch is cut in half.  Someone say “Cat in the hat” and I will punch them.  I like this series and will devote a post to them hopefully next week.

The ultimate diplomat 🙂  Depending on your view of life, its neither red nor blue,  Or better yet, it gives you both colors yet its non committal.

Red after a few No Doze pills washed down with Jolt or Red Bull!  Packs a punch and a knockout one at that!

Last but not least, a punch but a little tempered by  the white warp.  I once sold this tie to be sent as a gift to a high ranking profesor in University of Mississippi.

Of significant note is the fact that the suits is a medium blue laced with grays. A stronger navy blue will give a much contrasting red as we will soon see.

Some more and were done

I promised Steve, my defacto inhouse webmaster that I would add tags and categorize and do all that boring stuff that I had posted and that I just wanted to get the pics online but he didn’t believe me and in truth I find the putting the stuff together just that much more fun, so I am gonna do a few more and then we will be done with this particular sportcoat/Shirt ensemble.

Same Shirt and Sportcoat, but mixing things up a bit here is some greens with Navy, and a square (never did get that up onto the site, for shame!) that should pick it up a bit.

Navy Tie with Green and Light Blue/Blue and Green Square

Navy Tie with Green and Light Blue/Blue and Green Square

Here is the same tie with a different square.  The squares olive tones work with the jacket but some may be uncomfortable with how it comes to the tie.  remember thought that the square provides just a touch of color to the ensemble, and shouldn’t be the focal point.  Generally it shouldn’t be sticking that far out of the pocket, I just do that to show you how it goes.

With the Olive Toned Square

With the Olive Toned Square

I like this next tie.  I like how it complements the jacket and I like it for itself.  Soft celadon color with the browns and beiges make it perfect for the jacket.  The square was chosen to sort of shock a little more life into the ensemble.  The Browns and Ecru in the square works with the jacket and the square’s burgundy gives the shock (in a good way).

Celadon Minty color in the Ties works with the beige light Blue tones

Celadon Minty color in the Ties works with the beige light Blue tones

Rounding it out with the same tie and a more fitting square.  I like this square for the multitude of colors it has (pretty sure its more than 9 colors, and vivid too!).  the burgundy gives it a real jolt but the other colors match it well to the ensemble.  Bear in mind that with an off white square you will great in any of the above sets.

The Right Blend of Color and contrast

The Right Blend of Color and contrast

Running With It

I kinda Like the Blazer/Shirt combo we last posted so I am gonna run with it.


Blues, Browns, Beiges and a little color (in this case Orange).  They work really well.

Here you have a small herringbone striped tie which brings in alot of colors, blue and lighter blues etc. but you get a look at the orange as thats the strongest color here.  The square give a nice contrast to the ensemble.


Too many stripes?

Some can argue that this tie has too many (similar in size to the shirt) stripes.

Some may feel that the Tie in this picture is a little too light for me. Matches too well with the sportcoat.  I cant argue with that line of logic but it doesnt disqualify the tie despite it. 

Too Light a Tie?

Too Light a Tie?

The following tie is always a classic.  In fact I will revisit it soon because dots this size and anything under this size really works well almost everywhere.  Any larger sized dots tend to look clowny.  The square being off white tones down the contrast that the tie brings in, while working well with the jacket in its own right.



Brown And Blue Revisited

In The Last post we showed the versatility of one tie and where it could go.


To be fair and honest, light blue is fairly easy as it really goes well everywhere.  Also I dont know that I would have done the brown with Blue and Blue like this:


Brown and Blue

Brown and Blue

 Instead given that shirt and suit I might Have Opted for something like this which shows the contrast of Brown and Navy against the lighter blue shirt:


Blue and Brown Tie against Brown Suit

Blue and Brown Tie against Brown Suit

Lets discuss though, how we would use a tie like the one above which seems to be a little more stylish?


So we paired it with a Lighter sportscoat and shirt giving the coat a little pop along with the square that contrasts in the pocket.  The result is this:  Incidentally I like the plain off white linen square that shows up a few posts from now.


Blue/Brown and Contrast

Blue/Brown and Contrast

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