Too Close

Sometimes the colors of your ensemble will work so well together that you will look at them and say, no, its just too close.

Take for example the pink twill tie and square below.  The colors (but for the navy in the square) are so right that even though its not a matching square, it looks too much alike.

In that case, you may want to switch it for other complementary colors as found in this sqare:

Which will add a different dimension to your look which essentially is what you want from the square.

Or for the toned down type try something like this white linen with contrast border:

Tie by Tie 24b (Bluer is Better)

In Tie By Tie 24 (Two posts back) , I mentioned that the light orange tie against the pale blue shirt fell a little flat and perhaps it would look better with the darker contrast blue shirt. Here is the original very pale shirt:

And here with a darker blue pin stripe shirt.

And if you feel that with the narrow stripes I have violated Flusserian law, then try it with the darker solid blue shirt for this:

In all cases shown with the rainbow square and in both cases, certainly better than the pale blue.

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Tie By Tie 24b (The Long and Winding Road)

On that long and winding road from upstate the missus and your’s truly have come to the unpleasant conclusion that just because 5 of your kids travel well without Dramamine doesn’t mean that the 6th will…


One for the road, or better yet, from the road. I hope it doesnt do to you what the road did to her 😉 !

PS: Here as in the past I am not at all bothered by the closeness in size of the two different patterns that the shirt and tie are, see here for additional discussions on the topic.

Note that the darker blue shirt gives the pale pink tie more “oomph” in the ensemble vs this combo with the paler blue shirt as seen here:

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Tie By Tie 24 (More Twills)

Greetings and a happy work week to all.

Sorry for the quiet weekend.   Friday was a short and rushed day and Sunday the missus dragged me along with her to our yearly before I go to Italy/Mid winter upstate getaway with the kids for a few days.  The true pleasures in life, watching your kids really enjoy themselves 🙂

Anyway, I snapped a few shots before the weekend though along the lines of the previous post i.e. Twills:

Here is what we have:

The shirt is Light Blue, The suit is Navy, The square is multicolor with all the right colors therein.  The tie is Orange.  Normally Orange is a gret meatch with all sorts of blues.  Here I wasnt crazy about it.  Not sure why other than the fact that it just didnt do anything for me perhaps. Would probably work better with a darker blue shirt for better contrast. (I will try that when I get back to the store).

Square detail here:

Better was the pink version of the same tie shown below:

Broken up here:

A very successful week to all!


Going forward I am gonna be taking one tie and mixing it up so that you get to see in how many places and how many variations you might be able to do.  Of course this is in no way conclusive and restrictive as to what you can pair a tie with, the purpose is simply to show some option and where you can go with a tie.

Feel free to experiment on your own!

Now I know that this is not what you were thinking when I said versatility, I just want to use these to show how a slight change in some color (in this case the square) will change the look. form a more spring look as in the case of the pink and yellow square to a slighty more somber look as in the case of the green.

Blue Pin stripe suit with pink shirt, nothing new here.  Solid light Blue Tie, with Green Square (Blues/Pink and Green works) and the same  with a  Pink/Navy and Yellow Square. 

Now…Using the same tie I will bring it in to a dark Navy suit, with a yellow/ecru shirt, and a Yellow with blue and orange square.  It works!


Midnight Navy with Blue and Yellow

Midnight Navy with Blue and Yellow

Rounding out the versatility in the Solid Blue, we have it together with a Brown and Blue suit, Blue Striped Shirt and Red with Blue Square. (a bit monocrhomatic on the shirt perhaps) 


Brown with Blue

Brown with Blue

 And Finally Charcoal Suit with White Shirt and again red and Blue Square:


Charcoal Suit with Blue Tie

Charcoal Suit with Blue Tie

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