We’re Half Way There (or, Kudos to Rich)

Rich is the senior sales person in the kids shop. This ensemble put together by him (minus pocket square) shows that he has it in him when he chooses to work on it.  The coral tie works with the navy seersucker blazer and the yellow shirt.  The seersucker (this particular one at least) is a navy seersucker blazer as opposed to the sometimes light blue.  That being the case, we are now half way towards a navy jacket/suit with a coral tie.

FTWU approves.

More and Less

Carrying forward yesterday’s results but in the reverse, here you have a brown tie against a yellow shirt that garners more attention than the orange against the blue pictured directly below due to the fact that the orange is a softer orange and the satin brown is strong. (yes, I know the jackets are different but the contrast is created mainly with the shirts with the sports coats complementing.)

Shown here with the multicolor square and the Petronius seven fold tie.

KIFS (Keep It Fresh, Stupid)

Greetings All and a very Happy Week to you.

In the Spring the idea is to keep it light and fresh.  To that end here you have a wool check sport coat from Hickey Freeman  His First paired with a yellow shirt (always a Spring Color) and a brocade woven silk green and blue tie (which works well with the sportscoat which has green and blues in it).  I thought the choice of square was appropriate here as the colors in the square bring it all together.  (Pair it here with navy slacks)

A Fresh Combination!

Here the square detail:

Have a successful week!

But Not Impossible

We ended yesterday with how sometimes it may be difficult to find a correct match to a nice sportscoat, and for the solution we went with the lining and the stitching/buttons on the coat.

As you get more comfortable, you can use your feel for colors. or better yet, ideas and concepts.

When you get a blues/greys/olives, go with color families.  Here the common ground will be earthy tones.  Olive, Blue, etc.  Complement accordingly.  The yellow shirt, Brown Tie, Rust and Green Square which are all earthy based (without looking like a tree I might add) make them a good combination.

Incidentally although I didnt mention this yesterday a navy pant is magnificient with this combo.


Same Square, Orange, teal and light blue striped tie.  An interestingly textured tie.

The navy in this tie picks up on the navy in the jacket.  Of course the greens working together is a natural.  The square provides a rich burst of color.

A softer blue tie.  Unfortunately the light didnt show this well, but in real life its less clear blue and more green tinged.


PS:  I tried to get the spelling right, dont kill me CG.

PPS:  I forgive you SM for swapping me out for Gear Patrol.  Gear Patrol?!?  On second thought…  🙂

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