Sully…I Lied

Who can forget that line from the Ahhhnold Classic, Commando:

“Sully, remember when I told you I would kill you last?  I lied”

Well I didn’t  lie intentionally here and I never meant that the Tie by Tie posts would take precedence over everything and in fact I did start with the retakes but today a customer asked me a question pertaining to a black suit being worn to the Company Holiday Party with this tie and this square.  I have already illustrated how a black suit works well with the Tie and square in More on Black and Orange .  Here the question was what color shirt might I pair with this.

Figuring that white was too plain for the party and would also not get much use afterwards, and cream was just a step away from white I suggested a mint green shirt or a shirt with green Stripes:

Here is the result (and I didnt have a great minty colored shirt for this other than the kids shirt which didnt photograph well enough to show the color.).  The green striped Hickey Freeman His First shirt shows enough of the concept that Black and Green works well and orange blends in nicely.  To get a good feel for the combo I have also included a High res Link.

As always I welcome thoughts and comments.

Which is the sum of these parts:

This link will take you to the High res.  I think its worth a gander.

Finally, here is the mint.  This particular mint was too pale.  A solid darker mint will really give this tie a new dimension.

Grey and Black, Grey and Navy

Grey and black work perfectly together.  As I have mentioned in the past, Grey is in the black family.

But Grey in all its colors works well with Navy as well.

Here are some examples of Grey with Black and Grey with Navy.

The Black taffeta silk with the unfinished stripe and the orange and black paisley square works into the grey with the light blue shirt

What a stunning intricate square!

Here with a navy mini paisley and blue toned square.

And here with a blue fielded polka dot.

Upon Request

As I mentioned in the past,  I do take requests.  You are free to email me a link to an Item you would like to see matched up and I can try and find a comparable or better yet if you are local you can drop it off and I will work it up for you.

Utilizing the latter offer, a customer dropped off a Brioni Jacket (part of a suit) that you see below.  Its was a hard  jacket to work with for two reasons.  1) The pronounced windowpane, which was making it hard for the customer. and 2) The actual color which was a grayish blue.  I certainly wouldnt have classifies it as a true navy which would have made it easier to work with.

I was somewhat limited by the shirt color which was to be  white or blue.  Given free reign I would have chosen a shade of grey (And thats tomorrow’s photo essay) but alas, word came down from on high (the customer) that he is not a fan of gray shirts.

So here goes:

The color of the jacket lends itself to anything that works with grey/blue, and along with the reddish brownish windowpane check.  You can get a high res to see the colors of the jacket here.

Here in the first shot I paired it with a soft light blue shirt (not on the site), and an orange brown cashmere tie.  The Fabric of the jacket allows for the cashmere tie and the  colors are all right.  The orange tie works with the steely blue as well as with the windowpane which is reddish burgundy.   The square is an orangish brown as well (but not the same color as the tie) which livens the jacket just a bit.  The grey circles in the square only work to enhance the blending together with the jacket.

Due to the burgundy/reddish windowpane in the jacket, its only natural to introduce burgundy into the tie mix (if you own one tie this should be the one) which is what I did with the following results:

(notice that I kept the pattern of the square but substituted the orange for the grey version of it which also has burgundy highlights around the circle.)

Mixing in a blue and burgundy paisley pattern just goes to show that you arent limited to squares and neets patterns in the tie.  Here a uniformly patterened paisley works well with the tie.  I think you might run into trouble with larger and more abstract paisleys, as the size of the pattern will compete with the windowpane.

Now back to a Petronius orange in a neets with a different square which has the orange black blue and another 6 colors to make sure that somehow we match :-).  I like the orange look with this jacket.

Finally, just to prove that we can also do stripes here, I brought back an orangey Brown striped tie that has some blue in it to get this result.  The square looks very busy but of course you will only get a small portion of that visible and then you get the result two pics down.

In this last shot I had paired the tie with a square that looked ok  in real life but bad on the screen so I eliminated the square from the photo (Cropped to the left rather than to the right).  I guess I left the tie since it was there already.  It works.

Something Fresh

OK, As usual posted the pics without actually writing about em.  Now here goes.

I like this ensemble alot.  As the name of the post indicates I think that its fresh for (dont look out your window) but spring.  The blue against the Beige of the jacket, the Silver and orange from the tie coming against the blue of the shirt and working with the jacket as well.  Highlighted by the square which has a shock of black and orange that works with the jacket and tie.

The jacket is actually a little less yellow hued than the photo lets on but I think that its enough to give the idea.  In fact I took a closeup of the  jacket/square so you can the actual color below.

Now using the same tie lets bring it over (with the same shirt) to a Navy shadow stripe suit and we see how it goes.  The tie matches wonderfully with the suit and the tie gives it a nice contrast color. the shocking red and Navy square is just that.  Shocking (in that good way of course)!

Orange coloration not your thing?  Try it with the Beige and light blue version of the same tie for this effect:


Finally here is the close up of the sportcoat and the square.  I love these squares because they have so much color.  I think that this is one of those squares that has 9 different colors in it.  I think youc an pretty much see all of them.

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