Sully…I Lied

Who can forget that line from the Ahhhnold Classic, Commando:

“Sully, remember when I told you I would kill you last?  I lied”

Well I didn’t  lie intentionally here and I never meant that the Tie by Tie posts would take precedence over everything and in fact I did start with the retakes but today a customer asked me a question pertaining to a black suit being worn to the Company Holiday Party with this tie and this square.  I have already illustrated how a black suit works well with the Tie and square in More on Black and Orange .  Here the question was what color shirt might I pair with this.

Figuring that white was too plain for the party and would also not get much use afterwards, and cream was just a step away from white I suggested a mint green shirt or a shirt with green Stripes:

Here is the result (and I didnt have a great minty colored shirt for this other than the kids shirt which didnt photograph well enough to show the color.).  The green striped Hickey Freeman His First shirt shows enough of the concept that Black and Green works well and orange blends in nicely.  To get a good feel for the combo I have also included a High res Link.

As always I welcome thoughts and comments.

Which is the sum of these parts:

This link will take you to the High res.  I think its worth a gander.

Finally, here is the mint.  This particular mint was too pale.  A solid darker mint will really give this tie a new dimension.


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