Tie By Tie 28 (Black and Lilac, FTW!)

Two days back I wrote about the soft and nice tie that worked well with a number of shirts due to its having a number of colors in it.

Today’s post will show that sometimes soft is nice but not “as” nice. Here I show the same tie, with the grey check shirt and a black suit for better contrast.

For something different I swapped the purple check square for a green with purple paisley. (email for purchase Info)

Which looks like this:

And as we were talking Lilac with Black and Grey here is one more option, the Lilac Paisley Tie.

And in case you were wondering, FTW is the current web slang for For the Win! 🙂

Have a great weekend all.


Tie By Tie 27 (Like Edelweiss)

Just like edelweiss, from the song in “The Sound Of Music” this particular tie is “soft yet nice” .   Available in the seven, and four fold s well as the regular construction.

As it has multiple colors in it, from grays to blues and lilacs, I chose to show it together with a grey shirt, a blue and finally a lilac as well. In real life the lilac short is not that strong. I just find lilacs a difficult color to photograph. In all cases, the charcoal suit with purple square is shown.

First the pale blue shirt:

With the square detail,

The grey check shirt:

And the lilac stripe:

In Tribute to Charles Schulz

I admit it.  I dont do Holloween.  That being said I always felt bad for Linus waiting up for the “Great Pumpkin”, his Halloween version of Santa Claus.

IN advance of the 31st, here is a little something for those that do Holloween.

A Black cardigan with Grey Check shirt and Black taffeta tie with textured stripes.

Charcoal or Black Pants would work here as well as jeans.

Have fun and be safe.

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