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Hey Bill:

This bud’s for you. ¬†The contrast square with the previous ensemble, sans tie. (The tie would have worked, I was just photographing a Fendi houndstooth vest for the kids shop and the v-neck wouldn’t handle the tie well)

What say you?

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You Talk Too Much

It seems that in my absence due to being quite busy I garnished more views and picked up more supscribers that when I was actively posting which leads me to believe that I should just shut up ūüôā

Here are some new items from the Fall collection. Shirts are Hickey Freeman, Ties are FIH and are all available on (here’s something new) the Men’s part of the Kids Site. ¬†The Fall Scarf Collection, (Alex Begg, Colombo and FIH Wools) ¬†is there as well.

And in the spirit of the post name…heres a blast from the past.

RunDMC ¬† “You Talk To Much”: ¬†Enjoy (the song…The Video is meh…)!

Still Alive

Was it Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) that had said that “The
reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”?

Same here :-). But I am working myself to the bone and spare time has been few and far between.

To prove I am alive and well… Here is a Hickey Freeman suit from the kids like, with a twill hickey freeman shirt and Vines Tie. Very elegant tie I think and brightens up the shirt (which I intentionally chose dark due to the tie)

Later in the week, new ties arriving! Dont give up on me just yet!

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Got Kids?

As listed before the bulk of my day is spent either buying or selling high end kids clothing¬†in Tuesday’s Child Boutique. ¬†The Men’s stuff is an extension of that and at that a minor one at that. ¬†Call it a hobby. ¬†MEANWHILE, however, hobbies don’t pay the rent ūüôā ¬†which brings me to todays post. ¬†Knowing that I would be spending the bulk of the day at the Armani showroom in Manhattan, and knowing that I needed to post some Hickey Freeman kids shirts online on our web site I figured to kill two birds with one stone and take the pics and use them for my post today (and probably tomorrow as well).

I will reserve comment and let the pictures do the talking.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

(PS: ¬†I wouldn’t mind some feedback if anyone is of the mind to say hi. ¬†I dont need it but its nice to hear. ¬†Thanks!)

S10 Tie By Tie (Mixing it Up)

For my kids shop, I love the Hickey Freeman His First. They use great fabrics and the construction is off the adult line.  The result is a kids suit made like a mans suit with detail and attention given to all matters.  Iits not a canvassed suit but its a well made fused one.

Anyway, in search of more than the typical shirt fabric that I have on the FIH site I borrowed a Hickey Freeman’s kids shirt for the next tie. ¬†The shirt and suit had enough stripes to warrant a plain (non patterned) ¬†silk tie. ¬†I spiced it up a little with the square.

Here is the square detail.  Blow it up and see just how well the colors go with the navy of the suit and green of the tie.

for a different spin on the square, a red with green trimmed vintage square here:

And shown in play here:

Tie by Tie 24b (Bluer is Better)

In Tie By Tie 24 (Two posts back) , I mentioned that the light orange tie against the pale blue shirt fell a little flat and perhaps it would look better with the darker contrast blue shirt. Here is the original very pale shirt:

And here with a darker blue pin stripe shirt.

And if you feel that with the narrow stripes I have violated Flusserian law, then try it with the darker solid blue shirt for this:

In all cases shown with the rainbow square and in both cases, certainly better than the pale blue.

Unabashed Plug here:  I have gone to some serious discounts on the cashmeres and other items on the FIH Site.  Cashmere coats, under 700 dollars, Scarves between 25-35% off.  Same with Cashmere Sweaters.  Check it out!

Every Which Way (But Loose)

Its nearly 12Am and I haven’t been home for 2 hours yet. ¬†It’s been a long day.

Not having been in the store today we will have to content ourselves with the jacket (Burberry), square and shirt that I wore today which you can see below.

The beauty of a multicolored large patterned pocket squares is that one can achieve different looks depending on how its positioned in the pocket and whats visible peeking out.  In this case its less apparent as the background is a strong burgundy,  but you can get the idea.

Here the blue of the square is not visible, so the burgundy and beige of the square picks up the brown windowpane of the jacket.

Here the Slate blue of the square shows nicely highlighting the blue nature of the jacket.

Here is your square detail.  My unbiased opinion?   Magnificent!

PS: ¬†For you old timers that recognize the title of the post, it was Clint Eastwood’s “Every Which way but Loose” inspired. ¬†As kids we had a great kick out of 12 Rib’s My… and Right Turn Clyde! (Mom didn’t enjoy it as much as we did!)

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Tie By Tie 24b (The Long and Winding Road)

On that long and winding road from upstate the missus and your’s truly have come to the unpleasant conclusion that just because 5 of your kids travel well without Dramamine doesn’t mean that the 6th will…


One for the road, or better yet, from the road. I hope it doesnt do to you what the road did to her ūüėČ !

PS: Here as in the past I am not at all bothered by the closeness in size of the two different patterns that the shirt and tie are, see here for additional discussions on the topic.

Note that the darker blue shirt gives the pale pink tie more “oomph” in the ensemble vs this combo with the paler blue shirt as seen here:

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Tie By Tie 17 (More of the Littles)

Continuing along with some more small patterns and small spaced pin stripe shirts I show a brown suit, burgundy pin striped shirt (both suit and shirt from the His First Hickey Freeman line) and a turquoise/teal patterned tie with the flower pot multi colored square.    This particular colored tie clashed with the blue pin stripe shirt so I used the burgundy.  Incidentally you can swap the brown suit used here for a navy suit and it will look fine as well.

With a detail of the square here.

Against the more calming and sedate shirt the effect is so:

What did work with the blue shirt was the rust colored tie in the same mini floral pattern shown here:

Weekend Edition (My Beef with Flusser)

Friday I posted a picture of an Attolini teal blue small patterned unlined tie paired with a small striped Hickey Freeman Shirt and a green jacket.  This was the picture:

Flusserian pundits will recall that on Page 70 of Dressing the man, (a very excellent book,) Alan Flusser maintains that small prints or patterns demand larger patterns to correctly complement them, otherwise the small against the small forces the eye to work overtime to distinguish between where the tie ends and the shirt or second patterned item begins.  He then accompanies that theory with the following picture to be found on page 71:

Indeed at first glance, this does seem to bolster the thought that smaller patterns might force the eye into a tizzy and almost create a blur between the two competing patterns trying to figure out where each ends and begins.

But if you take a closer look at the picture here and better yet in the book itself, (If you have the book flip it open to page 71, if you don’t have the book you can rely on my picture posted here) you might want to question the following:

There is no doubt in my mind that the top picture on page 71 was for whatever reason BLURRY to begin with, and the bottom ensemble is quite clear. So while the concept might sometimes be true the visual proof that is utilized to hammer home that point is somewhat suspect. Does it mean that Flusser as a whole is off the mark? Certainly not, and as I mentioned the book is great. However it does tell you (or at least me) that this Flusserian principal must be taken with a grain of salt. To that end I offer up my grain of salt in the form of my picture from Friday.

A very good weekend/workweek to all.

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