Every Which Way (But Loose)

Its nearly 12Am and I haven’t been home for 2 hours yet.  It’s been a long day.

Not having been in the store today we will have to content ourselves with the jacket (Burberry), square and shirt that I wore today which you can see below.

The beauty of a multicolored large patterned pocket squares is that one can achieve different looks depending on how its positioned in the pocket and whats visible peeking out.  In this case its less apparent as the background is a strong burgundy,  but you can get the idea.

Here the blue of the square is not visible, so the burgundy and beige of the square picks up the brown windowpane of the jacket.

Here the Slate blue of the square shows nicely highlighting the blue nature of the jacket.

Here is your square detail.  My unbiased opinion?   Magnificent!

PS:  For you old timers that recognize the title of the post, it was Clint Eastwood’s “Every Which way but Loose” inspired.  As kids we had a great kick out of 12 Rib’s My… and Right Turn Clyde! (Mom didn’t enjoy it as much as we did!)

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