Got Kids?

As listed before the bulk of my day is spent either buying or selling high end kids clothing in Tuesday’s Child Boutique.  The Men’s stuff is an extension of that and at that a minor one at that.  Call it a hobby.  MEANWHILE, however, hobbies don’t pay the rent 🙂  which brings me to todays post.  Knowing that I would be spending the bulk of the day at the Armani showroom in Manhattan, and knowing that I needed to post some Hickey Freeman kids shirts online on our web site I figured to kill two birds with one stone and take the pics and use them for my post today (and probably tomorrow as well).

I will reserve comment and let the pictures do the talking.  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

(PS:  I wouldn’t mind some feedback if anyone is of the mind to say hi.  I dont need it but its nice to hear.  Thanks!)


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