Flash Back

In yesterday’s post I referenced how I had worked the small check olive sportscoat from Hickey Freeman.

Here is pretty much what I had done, shown with the ecru twill shirt and Navy and Green Tie.  I kept the floral square in the first shot:

Liking the navy introduction I swapped the earthy tones of the square for a navy and green vintage square

Which comes together looking like this:

And here it all is when you swap the green tie for a predominantly navy polka dot tie.

Have a great weekend all!

KIFS (Keep It Fresh, Stupid)

Greetings All and a very Happy Week to you.

In the Spring the idea is to keep it light and fresh.  To that end here you have a wool check sport coat from Hickey Freeman  His First paired with a yellow shirt (always a Spring Color) and a brocade woven silk green and blue tie (which works well with the sportscoat which has green and blues in it).  I thought the choice of square was appropriate here as the colors in the square bring it all together.  (Pair it here with navy slacks)

A Fresh Combination!

Here the square detail:

Have a successful week!

Springier Spring Looks

Keeping the jacket (since almurtadza liked it so much 🙂 ) we get a brighter look by swapping out the shirt for a yellowish one and brightening up the tie a bit. Here we can afford this color blue tie which works well against the yellow but might not have worked as well against the blue shirt as the tie has a bit of aqua green blue in it.

For squares I give three options before changing the tie for an rust orange one which makes the ensemble all that more serious and somber.

Yellow Shirt, Blue Textured Tie, orange Square and Hickey Freeman Jacket:

Switching square for Square:

And for a little more color in the square we try this multicolor baby:

Finally, with the same square in place I moved over to the rust tie.  Not at all bad, but a different less bright look.

Tie By Tie 11a (Even Better Resolving)

Of course a tie that has blue and cream in it rests comfortably and confidently nestled in a navy suit with either a cream or light blue shirt, complemented by the honey jar patterned square in yellow.

Have a great weekend.

Tie By Tie 11 (Better Resolving)

Here is a relatively simple and painless resolution one can make this eve of 2010.  Resolve to make a concerted effort to pay attention to your clothing coordination.  This can be accomplished by many ways, one of which is following this blog and asking others (like myself but not limited to) for help so that instead of looking like this (which despite what you may have read elsewhere is just plain… wrong on so many accounts):

You end up looking something like this (Grey/Brown with rust wide stripe suit, Blue Shirt,  Medium Stripe Tie in Blue and Cream with Yellow Floral Square):

With the square detail here:

Or this with the cream twill shirt:

Or the same pattern tie in the brown and beige against the blue shirt:

And for a little more color switching for the burgundy and blue floral square to look like this:

With the square detail here:

Of course, resolving to avoid something like this is also a nice idea 😉

Thanks for making 2009 a great year for FTWU (this blog)  by following and as the consistently increasing readership stats (and purchases) have shown for approving.  Here’s looking forward to an even better and more exciting 2010.

Have a great,  successful and most of all a pleasant 2010.


OK. Time to get back in it

After picking up two new customers from this blog I have come to realize that people are actually seeing this and THAT warrants some activity 🙂
I am gonna randomly choose a tie and work it into some shirts and suits! Any questions please feel free to ask!

OK. This little number is from the Current New Collection (Spring 09). I avoided the light blue shirt here although as in previous posts Light Blue works with Brown, because I felt that sometimes light blue with light blue shirts can be off depending on the shade of blue.
Paired it with an ecru (cream) twill shirt (yes I know I have to retake all the shirts, the pics are terrible), a brown suit with blue stripes ( For some really odd reason that suit is NOT on the site) and this square a personal favorite.
The result is what you see above. Like? Love? Hate? We wanna know!
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