Tie By Tie 29b (Almost the Same yet Different)

Yet another full buying day in the city, this time for Dolce and Gabbana and Moncler. Yeah, they make them for kids. :-).

Carrying yesterday’s ensemble forward but with a lilac colored shirt will give you a totally different  look. The lilac accentuates the plum colors in the tie.

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Tie By Tie 29 (On The Fly)

The Buying season is winding down here with only a few more days in the city for the kids shop.  Meanwhile we have a whole new series of ties coming in tomorrow (Tuesday) but I wont get a chance to get to them till later in the week.

Posting now, on the fly from a Showroom in the city while the boss/Mom catches up on some paperwork for the orders:

Love this tie and have used it extensively in this blog.  Put both squares here to see which Iliked better and then ultimately went with the violet.  Shown today with the Ecru Shirt and Black Suit.

With the square in place.

And a little brighter which shows you the parts a little more clear.

PS:  Super sale time with an additional 10% On top of the already heavily discounted Colombo Cashmere Items on the site.  Now might be a great time to pick up a Cashmere coat for just over 600 Dollar.  Free Ground Shipping Too!

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Brown and Purple


Brown and purple often works but it depends on the color of the purple.   Here are some ties that go well with the brown.  Unfortunately, the tungsten lighting that I shot these under distorted the color of the shirt and I was gone for the day when I discovered that.  I might just retake the shots tomorrow but the colors of the ties were accurate enough to continue with the post so here goes. (As above, shots were retaken with better results.  I have left the originals though for the square).

In the first three pics, the different shades of purple work well.  The first is a light purple color dot tie.  Against what was supposed to be pictured as a lilac shirt with the brown suit, the tie works well.  I left the  parasol square with its browns, burgundies, and slight shades of blue as with the tie that was interesting enough and gave enough color subtlety was important in the square.

This tie is a patterned weave with charcoal/brown background and purple pattern overlay.  Its got strong enough purple overlay to give the appearance of purple which is great for the brown suit.

Again the multi color tie with a dominant purple stripe.  All the colors work (and work well I might add) with brown here.

The dark purple satin field tie is where the purple does NOT work I think.  Its just too dominant in its purpleness!.  Tomorrow I will show where it does work though.

Here are the retaken shots.  They reflect better the accurate  correct color of the ties and the shirt.  I swapped out a violet and beige square on a whim:

And this which I did not think went that well.  (See my comments below in response to Bob.)

Red, White and Blue

In keeping with the blog’s fascination (obsession?) with  Brown suits I show here a brown suit with, red, white (actually off white) and blue ties.

First up a Blue thick twill tie with a predominantly red  square.  The red square was used to brighten it all up a bit.

Tucked away in the pocket the ensemble looks like this:

Moving right along to the deep red solid tie you get this look.  Here I left the square but repositioned it so that there was more blue peeking out.  Even then I didn’t like the red, thinking that there was enough red with the tie so that it now looked cheap, so I swapped it out for the one below.

There, that’s better.  The parasol square here tones it down introducing some burgundy and off white with traces of blue yet mainly browns.

Really now, isn’t this  square magnificent?

Here the off white mini paisley tie adds a subtle look to the brown and blue combo.  The off white blends well with both the blue of the shirt and the brown of the suit.  The square again serves only to complement the entire look.

Finally, having had this multi stripe tie out from last weeks work I slipped it in there.  As you can see, the purple does quite well with the brown. That dear reader though is for another day 😉

3 up 3 down

PS(As in Pre Script):  If you noticed I added a tagger link on the right where you can Tag these posts on Delicious.com, please feel free to do so (yeah, spread the word, thanks!).

Anyway, I was informed that the following jacket which I have been labeling as a sports coat is in fact part of a suit but that would not make a difference here.

Here are some suggestions for the Black Check suit sent to me, I welcome thoughts and comments.  (Votes are nice too 🙂 )

I was torn between these two squares, the ovals or the painted Paisley in rust and Black  which I show in this shot.  Meanwhile I went with the one on the right, a rich favorite of mine.

This tie shows more red here in the pic but its a ruby red grapefruit color in actuality.  A rather rich color as well.

The burgundy cashmere/silk blend works but it doesn’t much more than a subtle hello. (which is fine 😉 )

I love this tie, and I like the way that it gives color and life without having any burgundy in it. Its got greys, purple, rust and I think  it looks really nice here.  Quite probably my first choice with this jacket.

For some more on the subject, if you have been following my blog for a bit you will know that I posted about a similar jacket with similar coloration.  It was a Brioni suit but withlarger window panes.  Here is the post as well as here.  It bears looking over as I think the colors are similar even if the Brioni was more slated to a grey brown and this is a more distinct black check.

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