Flash Forward

Greetings all with wishes for a Happy Memorial Day to all and a special thanks to all those that have or are still serving in the Military. G-d bless and protect!

Using the same sports jacket from last week (yeah, it was still on the floor and ready to go, oops.) I switched the ecru shirt for a light blue shirt and decided that while a navy tie would work well, I wanted to go with brown to lead back to the olives and navy in the jacket. For the square I went back to the ecru linen square for toning down purposes.

Here are the results:

(Brown Pin Dot Tie, Ecru Square, Blue Shirt):

Brown Satin Tie with yellow dots.  I like how the brown works with the greens and navy in the jacket and the dots  in the tie work back to the square.

And back to a little vibrancy with the blue shirt here is a vintage print that never made it onto the site but may already be spoken for, shown with the navy floral square:

Have a great and successful week!

In the Black and In the Red (The Stock Market Today)

Considering that it was an historic day on wall street what with a 1K drop and the subsequent recovery to “only” 350 points down, I would be remiss in not doing a post about it today.

I believe that I have said before that black and red are closely related.  Its why black and red go so well together.

Here is an ensemble with red tie against the blue shirt as well as the grey sportscoat. The one question you might have on the jacket is the beige colored check.  It doesnt bother me.  I used the linen cream square to tone it all down.  Light blue shirts work almost anywhere.

Here I swapped it for a Black taffeta tie with raw silk tone on tone stripe.  The black against the gray coat work perfectly with grey essentially being a shade of black.  The raw silk stripe makes it better matched texture wise with the textured sports coat. Cream linen square again makes it all classic.

Here’s to wishing you all have a great Friday and if you are in the market remember that age old adage.

“Bulls make money.  Bears make money.  Pigs get slaughtered” 🙂

To Stare or Not to Stare

What I wanted here and the way the pics I took turned out didnt exactly meet on the same page  so I will just give you the pics that I took and we will illustrate again  just how different the same jacket and shirt can look when accessorized differently.

The orange tie and multicolor square brighten it up and make the statement of “Go ahead, try not to notice me” 😉

The Darker brown pindot tie and cream linen square say, “I look classically sharp yet understated, Go stare at the guy with the orange tie” 🙂

Which one is correct?  Depends on the mood!

Tie By Tie # 4 (the unspoken request)

In finishing up the chevrons we were left with the off white tie which I picked as an occasion/special event tie.  I did mention in a previous post, (I see the light) that light colored ties can be incorporated into regular dress settings when the tie is properly contrasted against a darker colored shirt. (Incidentally, I named this post the unspoken request because a customer mentioned that they enjoyed the I see the light post and the contrasting of light colored ties against darker shirts.

Here is the off white chevron using two shirts, one lighter and one slightly darker.

Also in reviewing yesterday’s pictures I was wondering if the square was too busy in an already busy jacket so I in the second pic I swapped the square out for an off white linen square.

Finally, for the person that rated the last post a “poor”.  You have to comment and elaborate as to why you thought it poor so we can have a discussion as to why I did what I did and why you hated it 🙂

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More on black and orange

Here is some more on the black and orange theme, as well as the charcoal and orange.  I added here the burnt orange with the black and the charcoal and orange stripe.  I think you will agree that the combo is super sharp and its almost as if the tie was made for that suit.

Here with the orange version of yesterday’s woven paisley.  Framed by a black suit and grey twill shirt.  (Great luxurious hand on that shirt).   As I mentioned yesterday the ties are busy and bright enough for a plain off white linen square.

The burnt orange (sigh, what a beauty) tie with the same black suit.

And the same order with the charcoal and orange pin stripe suit.  You only get the true color of the suit in the second pic.

Niiiiiiiiiice! 🙂

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Running With It

I kinda Like the Blazer/Shirt combo we last posted so I am gonna run with it.


Blues, Browns, Beiges and a little color (in this case Orange).  They work really well.

Here you have a small herringbone striped tie which brings in alot of colors, blue and lighter blues etc. but you get a look at the orange as thats the strongest color here.  The square give a nice contrast to the ensemble.


Too many stripes?

Some can argue that this tie has too many (similar in size to the shirt) stripes.

Some may feel that the Tie in this picture is a little too light for me. Matches too well with the sportcoat.  I cant argue with that line of logic but it doesnt disqualify the tie despite it. 

Too Light a Tie?

Too Light a Tie?

The following tie is always a classic.  In fact I will revisit it soon because dots this size and anything under this size really works well almost everywhere.  Any larger sized dots tend to look clowny.  The square being off white tones down the contrast that the tie brings in, while working well with the jacket in its own right.



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