I see the light

Light colored ties can be worn regularly and need not be reserved for affairs and elegant occasions so long as care is taken to highlight the tie by way of contrast with the shirt so that the tie stands out somewhat.

Here are some examples of the same two light colored ties and the differences the shirt can make in the overall appearance of the ensemble.

This English twill four fold tie goes from the somewhat drab against this white shirt:  (In all cases I utilized a white linen square so that it doesnt pull the eye away from the tie which is what I wanted to show)

To looking like this when placed against a blue shirt:

This white woven pin dotted tie looks like this against the white shirt:

But comes more alive when placed against the blue.


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  1. […] off white tie which I picked as an occasion/special event tie.  I did mention in a previous post, (I see the light) that light colored ties can be incorporated into regular dress settings when the tie is properly […]

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