Running With It

I kinda Like the Blazer/Shirt combo we last posted so I am gonna run with it.


Blues, Browns, Beiges and a little color (in this case Orange).  They work really well.

Here you have a small herringbone striped tie which brings in alot of colors, blue and lighter blues etc. but you get a look at the orange as thats the strongest color here.  The square give a nice contrast to the ensemble.


Too many stripes?

Some can argue that this tie has too many (similar in size to the shirt) stripes.

Some may feel that the Tie in this picture is a little too light for me. Matches too well with the sportcoat.  I cant argue with that line of logic but it doesnt disqualify the tie despite it. 

Too Light a Tie?

Too Light a Tie?

The following tie is always a classic.  In fact I will revisit it soon because dots this size and anything under this size really works well almost everywhere.  Any larger sized dots tend to look clowny.  The square being off white tones down the contrast that the tie brings in, while working well with the jacket in its own right.




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