Tie By Tie 4a (The Spoken Request)

Off to a Holiday party but here are some shots taken when I was in the store upon Jason’s request from the previous posts comment’s.

Links and commentary to follow at a later time:

EDIT: Links and comments inserted

Here is the English Twill Tie posted earlier against a French Blue shirt with the Hickey Freeman Jacket and Royal Blue Floral Square.  If you look closely you can see the blue in the jacket coming alive in with this shirt and square.

As Jason mentioned to me in an email (correctly so) the darker blue really makes the combo pop.  Not so with the Lighter blue shirt:

The lighter blue shirt with a white and blue pin dot tie and a light blue linen square.

And as per the original request the chevron tie in off white with the floral square.

Tie By Tie # 4 (the unspoken request)

In finishing up the chevrons we were left with the off white tie which I picked as an occasion/special event tie.  I did mention in a previous post, (I see the light) that light colored ties can be incorporated into regular dress settings when the tie is properly contrasted against a darker colored shirt. (Incidentally, I named this post the unspoken request because a customer mentioned that they enjoyed the I see the light post and the contrasting of light colored ties against darker shirts.

Here is the off white chevron using two shirts, one lighter and one slightly darker.

Also in reviewing yesterday’s pictures I was wondering if the square was too busy in an already busy jacket so I in the second pic I swapped the square out for an off white linen square.

Finally, for the person that rated the last post a “poor”.  You have to comment and elaborate as to why you thought it poor so we can have a discussion as to why I did what I did and why you hated it 🙂

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Tie By Tie # 3 (Variations by Request)

Yesterday I got a request to mix these ties up a little with patterned sportcoats, and today I deliver:

Here is yesterday’s tie paired with 2 Hickey Freeman His First sports coats.  I used the His First line as that is what I had ready and available from my kids shop.  In fact I liked the black check one so much I ordered it for myself.  The texture in the wool jackets works well with the texture of the tie and this time fearing texture overload I left the shirt a non textured blue tone on tone.  For the square I used the parasol but this time in the Navy version to bring out the Navy in the black jacket and to complement the brown jacket as well.

For your viewing pleasure:

And the square up close.  Note how the Square works against the shirt and picks up the blue in the jacket:

Switching coats to the Brown Hickey Freeman His First gives you this. (Brown and Blue is great together so the shirt is really nice here:

With the square tucked away:

Tie By Tie # 2

In the same medium chevron weave that we did in the first Tie by Tie we did 5 colors.  Earlier we worked up red and white and the blue and pink.  Now we have a Blue and white (the second of the original colors) and a blue/grey and muted yellow.

I put the blue/grey/yellow with a blue shirt and a red floral on navy square against a navy suit.  I thought appropriate a shirt that was a non textured one due to the fact that the tie gives off a heavy texture.  Here is what it looked like:

Flipping that same square over so that the green shows  you get this, and while I don’t condone wearing your square this far out of the pocket I wanted to give an idea of coloring.

Here is the square in all its glory:

And in this shot you get a yellow patterned honey jar square to brighten up the jacket a bit.  The detail of the square is below.

With the blue and white, I reversed my logic above and went textured.  While not that practical for a business setting I thought it sharp for a social one.  Shown here with the honey jar patterned square and blue and burgundy textured shirt. Unfortunately this was one of the times that my camera zoomed in and got every detail of the textured shirt and every line of the chevron weave making it look like overkill.  In regular lighting and focus it came across as dapper.

And here is the square detail:

Tie By Tie # 1

Lead off is a series of ties that were really popular in the first run I had ever done, the wide chevron weave.  Of course, as we went along I made significant changes in the construction that would overall increase the value of the ties, to wit, wool interlinings, self tipping, and bar tack closures.  In the maiden run there were only two colors done but as we went along the reorder increased to 5 different colors.

Here I show the Navy and Pink Weave with a light blue textured shirt and a navy suit.  The square is a small floral print in Navy.

If you have been following you will know that I am a fan of Blues with Pinks, and while the tie is nice enough in its own right being blue and pink, I think that the pink shirt adds some flavor to the ensemble as well.

Here is what the square looks like out of the pocket.

The red and white version (which was one of the two colors of the first run) is vibrant enough to wake up even a white shirt as I show it below.

Of course, red white and Light Blue shirt is nice as well.

For a little more vibrancy in the pocket square I brought this rainbow square in, but wanted to be careful that it shouldn’t be positioned so that it looks too matched with the tie, something that in general one should avoid.  As the reds are not a proper match, the risk is less but still…

Which looks like this tucked in.

Of interesting and humorous note, when I first showed these ties (the red) to a couple of people, I got comments like “Cat in the Hat?” but they sold right out!

Pink and Red?

Traditional pundits will tell you that Pink clashes with Red.  Like everything else, its only sometimes correct.

Here are some shots that might debunk that part truth:

The suit is navy, the shirt is light pink, the ties are various shades of reds.  I intentionally chose a deep red square to highlight the red of the ensemble.

The First Tie has red with blue cross stripes, which comes back to the navy suit.

This twill tie might be too red against the pink. (I would love to hear your thoughts)

Better and more subtle is this twill:

Initially I thought this chevron tie may have been too strong, but I think the white breaks it up.

Yes, I know that this tie is NOT red.  But I really liked the way it went with the pink shirt.  Highlighted with the square its a winner.

Red – Only the Bold!

With a dark navy suit giving a strong contrasting frame you get a stronger and more bold look at red and blue. (oh, and I add that I am getting better with my new camera…)

being that the case I substituted the darker square for a little lighter one. From the same family. More with a focus on red and light blue than navy and yellow.

Again we have our Power Red Tie.  Wear this and you will get noticed, I promise!

Navy brings out the strength of this tie and the second as we mentioned before, just with greater contrast.

Finally a red and navy Neets twill will give you a wonderfull look, coordinating and contrasting.

Red – Only the Brave

Its a popular misconception about red.  Bulls do not charge the matador when they see him or her waiving that red cape.  They do not see color (or so I have been led to believe).  
That being said there is something quite bold in a red article of clothing that catches our attention.  Admit it, It wasn’t just Neo. You also focused on the woman in red in The Matrix.

Here are some pics to ponder. As you can see the red was paired with blue and it works quite well. Later we will go elsewhere with red. 

I am fine tuning the camera, bu tyou get a general idea with the blues about the looks you can expect.  As I comment below, the suit is medium blue and you will see on subsequent posts just how much stronger the red gets when paired with a darker navy.


Here a red tie criss crossed (criss cross Larry, crissss crossss) with blue.  In fact to create the stripe the tie has a blue warp which gives it depth of a blue nature.  The square is from the new collection.  The shirt, always the same patterned blue on blue.

Here you have a blend of red and others that works well with the tie.  It gives the overall red look without being as bold as the others.

A popular seller, this shows the full effect a bold red tie can give you. Of course its not solid red so the punch is cut in half.  Someone say “Cat in the hat” and I will punch them.  I like this series and will devote a post to them hopefully next week.

The ultimate diplomat 🙂  Depending on your view of life, its neither red nor blue,  Or better yet, it gives you both colors yet its non committal.

Red after a few No Doze pills washed down with Jolt or Red Bull!  Packs a punch and a knockout one at that!

Last but not least, a punch but a little tempered by  the white warp.  I once sold this tie to be sent as a gift to a high ranking profesor in University of Mississippi.

Of significant note is the fact that the suits is a medium blue laced with grays. A stronger navy blue will give a much contrasting red as we will soon see.

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