White, The New Black

Black works with everything. Its true.

And much in the same way that Black works with everything, so does white and off white.  Here you have the off white blazer with a lilac shirt and a deep dark purple tie.  The square is a floral pastel print with pinks, greens and soft purples.

The pics were taken quickly and the color needs to be adjusted (the dark purple of the tie doesnt show well enough, at least on my screen) but I think you get enough of a visual to get the basic idea. Maybe I will snap better shots tomorrow. Probably Not 🙂

Have a great day. 🙂

Here is an alternate option for a square  Lots of colors in this new paisley square and while they dont match per se, they do coordinate.  (Personally I prefer the first):

Joe’s Dilemma

Joe is the subject of this past week’s Sully, I lied Post.

He liked what I suggested with regard to a mint shirt but when he went shopping was unable  to find one. Emailing me that he did get a Lilac shirt I told him that the orange tie wouldn’t work with the lilac.  I  suggested that he return the Lilac shirt and sent him a Pink shirt, replacement tie and alternate square.

Here is the result:

The High Res shots are Here and Here and if you cant see them its a combination of  Black Suit, Pink Shirt, Burgundy and Multicolor square (all colors of the square working with the black in the suit) and the brother of that previous orange tie with more of a cranberry/Bloody orange type col0ration).  I like it.

Have a great weekend!

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Pink and Red?

Traditional pundits will tell you that Pink clashes with Red.  Like everything else, its only sometimes correct.

Here are some shots that might debunk that part truth:

The suit is navy, the shirt is light pink, the ties are various shades of reds.  I intentionally chose a deep red square to highlight the red of the ensemble.

The First Tie has red with blue cross stripes, which comes back to the navy suit.

This twill tie might be too red against the pink. (I would love to hear your thoughts)

Better and more subtle is this twill:

Initially I thought this chevron tie may have been too strong, but I think the white breaks it up.

Yes, I know that this tie is NOT red.  But I really liked the way it went with the pink shirt.  Highlighted with the square its a winner.

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