Better with Black

I mentioned that things would be hectic and posts would be sporadic and so it is. Sorry for that but its just a for a few weeks more.

Here is a shot that I had taken a few weeks ago. Off white and white will work with most anything but of course some colors work better with others. In this case I have in mind that a darker suit, navy or black or even a bright white suit would work better with this color green tie.  Perhaps I will get a picture sometime tomorrow when I am in the store.

But it certainly works this way as well.

Here is the square detail.  Note the green in the square that pulls it together with the tie.

Flash Forward

Greetings all with wishes for a Happy Memorial Day to all and a special thanks to all those that have or are still serving in the Military. G-d bless and protect!

Using the same sports jacket from last week (yeah, it was still on the floor and ready to go, oops.) I switched the ecru shirt for a light blue shirt and decided that while a navy tie would work well, I wanted to go with brown to lead back to the olives and navy in the jacket. For the square I went back to the ecru linen square for toning down purposes.

Here are the results:

(Brown Pin Dot Tie, Ecru Square, Blue Shirt):

Brown Satin Tie with yellow dots.  I like how the brown works with the greens and navy in the jacket and the dots  in the tie work back to the square.

And back to a little vibrancy with the blue shirt here is a vintage print that never made it onto the site but may already be spoken for, shown with the navy floral square:

Have a great and successful week!

Flash Back

In yesterday’s post I referenced how I had worked the small check olive sportscoat from Hickey Freeman.

Here is pretty much what I had done, shown with the ecru twill shirt and Navy and Green Tie.  I kept the floral square in the first shot:

Liking the navy introduction I swapped the earthy tones of the square for a navy and green vintage square

Which comes together looking like this:

And here it all is when you swap the green tie for a predominantly navy polka dot tie.

Have a great weekend all!

S10 Tie by Tie 6 (Revenge of the Dots)

Hey, I told you that there would be lots of dots this season. 🙂

Shown here is a satin tone on tone light blue dotted tie, first against the pink shirt (always a nice combo) with the charcoal grey suit. Not sure if you can see but the suit has a faint light blue stripe in it which welcomes the tie back as a color (not that it needed that invitation to be at home with a charcoal suit, but still). I paired it with a navy blue with red and green square just because.

Here you see the square detail:

And finally, as the colors are all there, the combo works wonderfully with a navy suit as shown here.

Rejoice!  I included these links, and  I have actually prepped the site for the links to the previous few posts ties and squares.  Gimme one more day fellahs and I WILL have those links.

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Tie By Tie 16 (Almost Weekend Edition)

This feller is gonna have to be edited later to provide links, and reasoning.   I meanwhile wanted to get the pics up and running. Feel Free to comment before I do! Have a great weekend all!


Here is the same jacket from yesterday in Olive/Green with a blue pin stripe shirt (also a Hickey Freeman His First) shown together with a Navy Polka Dot tie, and accompanied by a Navy and Red floral Square:  The idea here was that the navy would work with the green jacket especially when the jacket was broken up by the shirt.

Here is your closeup of the colors of the square.

To add a little diversity in the color  and to bring the shirt closer to the red in the square I swapped the blue stripped HF for a Red Striped with this look:

Back to the Blue striped shirt with an unlined Attolini print.  The tie is almost a teal like blue which works nicely into the jacket, as it blends the colors of the jacket and the shirt together.

Tie By Tie # 2

In the same medium chevron weave that we did in the first Tie by Tie we did 5 colors.  Earlier we worked up red and white and the blue and pink.  Now we have a Blue and white (the second of the original colors) and a blue/grey and muted yellow.

I put the blue/grey/yellow with a blue shirt and a red floral on navy square against a navy suit.  I thought appropriate a shirt that was a non textured one due to the fact that the tie gives off a heavy texture.  Here is what it looked like:

Flipping that same square over so that the green shows  you get this, and while I don’t condone wearing your square this far out of the pocket I wanted to give an idea of coloring.

Here is the square in all its glory:

And in this shot you get a yellow patterned honey jar square to brighten up the jacket a bit.  The detail of the square is below.

With the blue and white, I reversed my logic above and went textured.  While not that practical for a business setting I thought it sharp for a social one.  Shown here with the honey jar patterned square and blue and burgundy textured shirt. Unfortunately this was one of the times that my camera zoomed in and got every detail of the textured shirt and every line of the chevron weave making it look like overkill.  In regular lighting and focus it came across as dapper.

And here is the square detail:

Form and Function

Form and Function.  The two words that architects grapple with, playing the art and the practical side in projects against each other.  Ideally, as the architectural  adage goes  “Form follows Function”.

Bringing it home, in matters sartorial layering is important for its practical benefits as well as its aesthetic benefits.

Virtually any layering piece will accomplish the former (function) whereas it takes a little thought to accomplish the latter(Form).

Here is a midnight navy suit, with a light blue shirt, a beige Colombo cashmere vest and a brown and navy cashmere/silk weave tie.  To throw some color in I added a bright red square.

Which is made up of this.

To tone down the square yet still introduce some color, try this floral square which has the burgundy and some of the beige and grey tones:

Made up of this:

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Can’t See The Suit for the Trees

Recognising that in that last post confusing brown we introduced some very earth tone combinations i.e. the brown with the green stripe shirt, I wanted to try and pull a bit away from being confused with a tree by bringing in a light blue and some other bright colors.  True, that blues and reds would technically qualify as “earth tones”  but they arent quite something that you would expect to see up in a tree…

Here is the shirt/Suit in question, Brown for Bark, Green for leaves (incidentally most of the shirts pictured below and in the preceeding post were Hickey Freeman His First shirts that I borrowed from our Kids Shop…)  Certainly somewhat treelike:

Throwing in some Light Blue in the tie and red in the square (Speckled with Blue and trimmed with Green mind you) which IMO works well will give you this look:

Which is the sum of these parts:

Away from the blue tie and with a brown tie to complement the suit your look will be this, a nice look:

Moving somewhat away from the darkish Green shirt we use another shirt that we highlighted last post.  This has some purple and some green in it on an off  white field and with the same square and green tie (now that we have broken away from the dark green we can afford the green tie)  we get a look like this:

Here the shirt and tie match well together and come back to the suit in complementary colors.

Incidentally its the sum of these parts.  As you can see, there is NOTHING here that doesnt coordinate.

I also put it together with another patterned green tie and to be honest I find the sage color in this tie a little too “meh” in this combination , not standing out enough against the shirt so while the tie in and of itself is nice its not enough here.

Finally, coming fully away from the green shirt we bring yet another shirt from yesterdays post which in and of itself brings out what we have been saying all along, Brown and Blue go really well together.  Coupled with the Satin fielded Rectangular patterns tie you get this look:

Swapping out the red square for a navy and golden brown (still not on the site yet) will give you this:

Which is the sum of these parts:

As a final note its important to mention that in earthy combinations like the ones above, skin tone i.e. complexion will play a massive role.

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