Tie By Tie 14 (4 at one Blow)

Like Mickey, the hero in Disney’s Brave Little Tailor (Video Link Below) , I easily could have done 7 ties at one blow, or rather with this one background of the brown suit/blue shirt, Large painted paisley square that was out from yesterday but I figured that four would suffice.

Here you have “4 at one blow”! (and call me a dolt but I just figured out that I could size pics for regular viewing and have those same pics clickable to reveal the high res., so feel free to click on any picture you like to get the real up close and personal story ūüôā

Lead off is a a no brainer tie,   Brown with blue warp and stripes.

A little more daring, orange, slate blue, tans and light browns.  All work nicely with the brown suit and blue shirt.

This, an orange and blue paisley is one of those ties that has a blue warp so depending on how you hold it is what you see.  In general,  Blue + Brown + Light Orange = Nice.

Finally, a navy satin field with blue and brown and Burgundy stripes.

And as promised, here is the Disney Classic:

Yellow and Navy

From the search queries yet again.  Running out so up go the pix with discussion to follow!

Yellow and navy is fairly natural together so the no brainer is another blue color in there. I chose the square in case some felt it was too monochromatic in the blues and blues and it does in fact freshen it up. The square is a favorite of mine from the new collection.

Which is the sum of these parts.

In the same concept I changed the tie while leaving the square in there (and I did in fact leave the square for the whole shoot because you can almost go anywhere with squares here) and added this tie.  It keeps the same blue field and adds in a touch of orange in the flower.

Being that the color of the shirt is yellow and the stripe here is wide it may look too matchy matchy with the shirt but I like this look.  The tie is of classic design and color.  Make a wonderful knot and dimple.

Finally to round out some blue ties I added this.  Another classic design with the gold stripe coordinating with the shirt and square.

Moving somewhat away from the blues (although this tie does have a steely blue weft giving it that shimmer)  I introduced this tie to the mix.  Less of a contrast but equally nice.  As its a blaxer being used and ot a suit and has a slight density and texture to it as do many treu blazers the added dimension of the tie is a nice touch.

Finally, green is an oft overlooked color.  Very versatile and useful especially with navy.  The first tie in fact is a green and navy blended weave to give you this look.  Green of course works quite well with yellows too.

Ending with this tie which is interestingly enough the reverse of a lime green and blue. ¬†We didn’t like the front side but loved the back. ¬†The irridescence of the tie gives anough blue and green to work really well. ¬†What say you?¬†

Another Wedding Guest

Alright…back at the ranch ¬†the question of wearing a pink shirt (light pink) with a tan jacket and Chocolate brown pants would work for a wedding. ¬†Of course the beige with the Bbrown is a winner. ¬†The issue was the pink shirt. ¬†To me thepink shirt with the beige looks washed and ¬†doesnt offer enough contrast. ¬†Now although tht erequest was not with a patterned sportscoat all I have was this one and to be sure the concept of the post works even without the orangish windowpane. ¬†Even the salmon colored tie works well enough with the contrasted shirt and the tone of the beige sportcoat. ¬†Orange panes not necessary.

I liked the first option for the contrast of the salmon tie as well as the satin nature of the field which gave it some more of a special occasion to it.  Suitable for a wedding (of course not quite white tie affair but still.  This next option is a little less bold but works equaly well bringing the ensemble together.

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