Another Wedding Guest

Alright…back at the ranch  the question of wearing a pink shirt (light pink) with a tan jacket and Chocolate brown pants would work for a wedding.  Of course the beige with the Bbrown is a winner.  The issue was the pink shirt.  To me thepink shirt with the beige looks washed and  doesnt offer enough contrast.  Now although tht erequest was not with a patterned sportscoat all I have was this one and to be sure the concept of the post works even without the orangish windowpane.  Even the salmon colored tie works well enough with the contrasted shirt and the tone of the beige sportcoat.  Orange panes not necessary.

I liked the first option for the contrast of the salmon tie as well as the satin nature of the field which gave it some more of a special occasion to it.  Suitable for a wedding (of course not quite white tie affair but still.  This next option is a little less bold but works equaly well bringing the ensemble together.

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  1. I own that last tie. Love it.

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