Pink and Red?

Traditional pundits will tell you that Pink clashes with Red.  Like everything else, its only sometimes correct.

Here are some shots that might debunk that part truth:

The suit is navy, the shirt is light pink, the ties are various shades of reds.  I intentionally chose a deep red square to highlight the red of the ensemble.

The First Tie has red with blue cross stripes, which comes back to the navy suit.

This twill tie might be too red against the pink. (I would love to hear your thoughts)

Better and more subtle is this twill:

Initially I thought this chevron tie may have been too strong, but I think the white breaks it up.

Yes, I know that this tie is NOT red.  But I really liked the way it went with the pink shirt.  Highlighted with the square its a winner.

Red – Only the Bold!

With a dark navy suit giving a strong contrasting frame you get a stronger and more bold look at red and blue. (oh, and I add that I am getting better with my new camera…)

being that the case I substituted the darker square for a little lighter one. From the same family. More with a focus on red and light blue than navy and yellow.

Again we have our Power Red Tie.  Wear this and you will get noticed, I promise!

Navy brings out the strength of this tie and the second as we mentioned before, just with greater contrast.

Finally a red and navy Neets twill will give you a wonderfull look, coordinating and contrasting.

At the Symphony, Narrowed Down.

The Customer decided on this tie (The wife liked it who can, better yet, WHY in G-d’s name argue 🙂 ) and the white linen square , but to confuse them both I threw in two more square options.

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A night at the Symphony

I have been really busy but here is a question and a request from a customer.

“The occasion will be for the Symphony once a month, and for rare social occasions that I cannot foresee, and all for evening. I am retired from business with no contacts. Perhaps 25% of the men at the symphony wear ties, and maybe 10% wear suits – including me. My wife is inclined towards red. I am inclined to something more “winey” but not as dark as burgundy. That is why I was wanting to compare the two. The blue tie was just my idea as an alternative, and something to go with a medium gray suit with muted blue windowpanes.”

OK. The customer suggested two and a third in the blue family. I offered some suggestions centered on the Burgundy theme.

Here are the shots. More information to follow:

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