Not Giving Up My Day Job

If you got a chance to read the about me page to the right you would have noticed that I dont just do this for fun, although I enjoy this part of the business immensely. I actually do this for a living in our kids shop. The men’s ties/accessories etc. is not yet a self sustaining (read, cant support a family on it just yet). And thats where you people step in :-).

Below are a few looks that I put together yesterday, mostly from our Hickey Freeman His First line. I’ll spare the links as most of it is only available in our kids store, but if you have a need of anything from the kids line, please feel free to reach out to us either here or at


S10 Tie By Tie 14B (Pre-Weekend Escapees)

Some more stragglers for your viewing pleasure.

A lilac ribbed twill weave with a grey pin stripe shirt against the charcoal suit with white linen square.

A silver satin tone on tone dot tie against a lilac shirt with the same charcoal suit. I could have used a white shirt and left the white square and that would have been very elegant which is why I bought this tie in the first place but instead went with the lilac shirt to play the two colors against each other, a color combo that I have mentioned before, I rather like.

Have a great weekend all!

S10 Tie By Tie 5 (Now Back To Our Show)

After the break from the dotted ties yesterday, lets jump right back to this dotted and textured tie in burgundy. Shown here first with the lilac shirt and grey and burgundy ovals square:

And here with the grey striped shirt and lilac border white linen square:

Links tomorrow.  I really really promise. 🙂

S10 Tie By Tie 3b (More Burgundy Options)

After a really long day today I am too tired to post much more tan the pictures that I took yesterday of two more options using the same tie, square and suit but this time with a blue shirt instead of the grey. this give you a chance to see just how versatile burgundy is. Link to follow tomorrow. I promise!

First with the burgundy ovals square.

Then with the no brainer versatile Light Blue white contrast border square:

So which one should I use on the site? Blue shirt or Grey?

Here is the grey to remind you. Vote below!

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S10 Tie By Tie 3 (The drawing of the 3)

Greetings readers. I hope your weekend was as enjoyable as mine was.

Here completes this series of pin dot tie, with a burgundy textured pin dot accompanied with a grey striped shirt and ovals with burgundy square.  What I like in this series of tie is that the pin dots are  not one color but two, giving the pin dot tie which is normally somewhat sedate a little bit of life.  Again a bit rushed tonight so links will have to wait till tomorrow, but you can rate and comment regardless 🙂

Here with the square detail.

And here I swapped out the square for a linen blue and white contrast.  The Blue works against the blue dots in the tie and with grey in general.  In this case the fact that i left too much of the square peeking out it looks out of place.  In general though it would look perfect.

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Tie By Tie 28 (Black and Lilac, FTW!)

Two days back I wrote about the soft and nice tie that worked well with a number of shirts due to its having a number of colors in it.

Today’s post will show that sometimes soft is nice but not “as” nice. Here I show the same tie, with the grey check shirt and a black suit for better contrast.

For something different I swapped the purple check square for a green with purple paisley. (email for purchase Info)

Which looks like this:

And as we were talking Lilac with Black and Grey here is one more option, the Lilac Paisley Tie.

And in case you were wondering, FTW is the current web slang for For the Win! 🙂

Have a great weekend all.

Tie By Tie 27 (Like Edelweiss)

Just like edelweiss, from the song in “The Sound Of Music” this particular tie is “soft yet nice” .   Available in the seven, and four fold s well as the regular construction.

As it has multiple colors in it, from grays to blues and lilacs, I chose to show it together with a grey shirt, a blue and finally a lilac as well. In real life the lilac short is not that strong. I just find lilacs a difficult color to photograph. In all cases, the charcoal suit with purple square is shown.

First the pale blue shirt:

With the square detail,

The grey check shirt:

And the lilac stripe:

Tie By Tie 9 (Showing Off)

When you turn down a long term lease on your property from a major land developer, that usually means that you believe in what you are doing and its potential.  Thats pretty much what just happened here, so you guys are gonna have to help me here and make sure that you keep on buying and keep me in business so that when you look back in 5 years from now, you say, I remember when Jonathan turned down the long term lease from that major land developer, cause he KNEW that he was gonna be big one day…


Anyway, here is a favorite tie of mine that went relatively unotticed.  The silver and Pink Twill weave woven. Shown here with a blue textured shirt (used for color as I think that we might be better served using a flat woven shirt due to the very textured nature of the tie) , charcoal Grey Suit that was out already, and a floral burgundy square to add some life in the charcoaly mix.

Here is a detail of the square with a high Res to be found here.  I took the high res because it allows for the colors of the square to be seen in all their glory, a truly beautiful square.

Here with a grey shirt.

Here I am just showing off that this tie square and suit works well with pink in addition to the two shirts shown above.

More on black and orange

Here is some more on the black and orange theme, as well as the charcoal and orange.  I added here the burnt orange with the black and the charcoal and orange stripe.  I think you will agree that the combo is super sharp and its almost as if the tie was made for that suit.

Here with the orange version of yesterday’s woven paisley.  Framed by a black suit and grey twill shirt.  (Great luxurious hand on that shirt).   As I mentioned yesterday the ties are busy and bright enough for a plain off white linen square.

The burnt orange (sigh, what a beauty) tie with the same black suit.

And the same order with the charcoal and orange pin stripe suit.  You only get the true color of the suit in the second pic.

Niiiiiiiiiice! 🙂

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No Sleep…

So I tossed and turned last night because until today when a second person graciously voted on the previous post the popst was rated average.   Grrr… I dont like average.

I do admit that I think the average rating was based on the fact that the Second Navy tie (the paisleys) showed a little more purply than it really is.

Here is the tie again, against a grey twill shirt, showing a little less purple and more navy (but not as navy as it is.)

A little better I think (even if not all the way there) , but feel free to vote again 🙂

Have a great weekend.



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