The Right Green

Sometimes you might realize that a sport coat and shirt combo is well paired with a certain color accessory (tie or square) but you wont be too sure of which tone of that color works. In that case its best to put them all against the counterparts and eyeballing them all to see which you are most comfortable with.

Here is what I mean:

The brown jacket works well with a light blue shirt and the orange square and all those colors would work really well with a green tie (as you saw yesterday) but which green is the right green?

The Marinella Hunter green tie with flowers?

The navy and Green beehive?

The lime green Marinella?

The Deep Dark Bottle Green?

Or the pistachio green?  They all work but personally I am leaning towards this one.   And you?

The Brown Suit 2

Looking at the stats of this blog, the single most looked at and referred to post is the brown suit post.

The way I see it , if thats what they want then thats what they shall get 🙂

Here is a brown suit with a medium blue/grey stripe.  Paired with a contrast collar and cuff blue pin stripe shirt,matched with a beehive weave green and blue tie, green and Navy braces, and assorted color parasol square.

The result is in this:

Made up from these:

Yellow and Navy

From the search queries yet again.  Running out so up go the pix with discussion to follow!

Yellow and navy is fairly natural together so the no brainer is another blue color in there. I chose the square in case some felt it was too monochromatic in the blues and blues and it does in fact freshen it up. The square is a favorite of mine from the new collection.

Which is the sum of these parts.

In the same concept I changed the tie while leaving the square in there (and I did in fact leave the square for the whole shoot because you can almost go anywhere with squares here) and added this tie.  It keeps the same blue field and adds in a touch of orange in the flower.

Being that the color of the shirt is yellow and the stripe here is wide it may look too matchy matchy with the shirt but I like this look.  The tie is of classic design and color.  Make a wonderful knot and dimple.

Finally to round out some blue ties I added this.  Another classic design with the gold stripe coordinating with the shirt and square.

Moving somewhat away from the blues (although this tie does have a steely blue weft giving it that shimmer)  I introduced this tie to the mix.  Less of a contrast but equally nice.  As its a blaxer being used and ot a suit and has a slight density and texture to it as do many treu blazers the added dimension of the tie is a nice touch.

Finally, green is an oft overlooked color.  Very versatile and useful especially with navy.  The first tie in fact is a green and navy blended weave to give you this look.  Green of course works quite well with yellows too.

Ending with this tie which is interestingly enough the reverse of a lime green and blue.  We didn’t like the front side but loved the back.  The irridescence of the tie gives anough blue and green to work really well.  What say you? 

Some more and were done

I promised Steve, my defacto inhouse webmaster that I would add tags and categorize and do all that boring stuff that I had posted and that I just wanted to get the pics online but he didn’t believe me and in truth I find the putting the stuff together just that much more fun, so I am gonna do a few more and then we will be done with this particular sportcoat/Shirt ensemble.

Same Shirt and Sportcoat, but mixing things up a bit here is some greens with Navy, and a square (never did get that up onto the site, for shame!) that should pick it up a bit.

Navy Tie with Green and Light Blue/Blue and Green Square

Navy Tie with Green and Light Blue/Blue and Green Square

Here is the same tie with a different square.  The squares olive tones work with the jacket but some may be uncomfortable with how it comes to the tie.  remember thought that the square provides just a touch of color to the ensemble, and shouldn’t be the focal point.  Generally it shouldn’t be sticking that far out of the pocket, I just do that to show you how it goes.

With the Olive Toned Square

With the Olive Toned Square

I like this next tie.  I like how it complements the jacket and I like it for itself.  Soft celadon color with the browns and beiges make it perfect for the jacket.  The square was chosen to sort of shock a little more life into the ensemble.  The Browns and Ecru in the square works with the jacket and the square’s burgundy gives the shock (in a good way).

Celadon Minty color in the Ties works with the beige light Blue tones

Celadon Minty color in the Ties works with the beige light Blue tones

Rounding it out with the same tie and a more fitting square.  I like this square for the multitude of colors it has (pretty sure its more than 9 colors, and vivid too!).  the burgundy gives it a real jolt but the other colors match it well to the ensemble.  Bear in mind that with an off white square you will great in any of the above sets.

The Right Blend of Color and contrast

The Right Blend of Color and contrast

Greens and Blues Round 2

Here again, I took a Tie from our Fall Collection with a Navy and Green beehive like weave. Its a slightly textured tie which blends together with the Navy/Blue/Green look.
I wasnt sure where I wanted to go with the square as I felt that the Blue was too much in the dark color and the which ws a little too outta left field being that the tie was a darker than the previous one. I dunno I just wasnt crazy about it.
I think that in this case it would have been better off with a white with a hunter green trim or my trademark stitched squares with the green stitching.


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