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With our kids shop at 50% off and us short staffed filling orders, yours truly has been wearing the sales associate hat these days and I’ve been a bit behind on other things I would have been doing.  The end result is that I didnt put major thought into the ensembles today so feel free to vote negatively if you want to.  They arent bad by any means, and in fact better than just passable, but still. Of course they all keep to general coordinating rules but for whatever reason we will call them products of me just fooling around.  Feel free to agree, disagree or of course abstain (The ties are loosies by the way, Loosies with a lovely rich hand):

Green/with a slight tinge of brown His First Hickey Freeman Sportcoat, Light Blue shirt and brown with red vintage square.  Here the tie used was a yellow with blueish flowers to give some contrast against the shirt.

The square detail here:

Shown here with a cream shirt and different square option that had more coordination with the tie (square not on the site) :

And here is the square detail where you can see the colors working well with the tie:

Swapping ties for a blue twill (again, a lovely loosie twill print) I come up with this number.  It looked terrible against the blue shirt as sometimes blues can clash or simply look wrong so I swapped it for the cream one giving better contrast.  I also changed the square for one with traces of blue in it and green coming back to the jacket:

With the square detail here.  Note the blues in the square.

Yet More Goodbyes

This series of seven and four fold mixes together some great color combos that we have discussed and pictured at length in the past.  Green with Blue as well as the blues with browns.  Pretty ties, but like the others, its time for them to go.

Yesterday I pretty much kept it to one pocket square.  This time I mixed and matched to get a little more variety and to match up what i thought was a better and more correct  option.

I started with the celadon  green and sky blue four or seven fold tie again, against the light blue shirt with the navy blue suit and matched up the geometric vintage square for this look.

I thought though that with the green and blue in the tie we could do better with a green square and decided on this large paisley floral piece:

Which looks like this in play:

Below is the navy version of the same tie.  Again, the predominantly blue color invites the earth tones of the brown right in.  While I probably would have been better off with the blue version of this parasol square I went with the brown for this look:

Which looks like this:

For another option at the square I took this brown small paisley pattern for this look:

In play here:

Tomorrow maybe I will do some options on the navy version.  Meanwhile, have a great day!

Spring Looks

Here is a Hickey Freeman Silk and Wool Jacket with a light blue shirt, shown first with a rose pink linen square and then with a light blue square. In all cases the shirt is the same as is the tie, this satin based tri stripe number from the Spring 10 collection.

In this case I introduced some more color and pattern with this vintage floral paisley square.  I thought it gave a nice shock of color and being green with burgundy highlights blended well with the other elements of the ensemble.

With the square detail here:

Your Attention Please…

Having opened up a pandoras tie box the other day by introducing the Cashmere/Silk Blends shown in this post, I was asked to pair a few up with the aforementioned swatch.

I kept the Colombo cashmere vests. (did I mention that these vests are only $300.  Pretty durned good for a 1 x 2 cashmere vest with a sublime hand and MOP buttons)  I like them in there but between you and me they dont have to be there to create that buffer I have been speaking about as this suit fabric is textured enough and the tie isnt that fuzzy.  I did swap the beige for a brown which I found to be more of a challenge and not the no brainer the beige was.

This time I also used the cream shirt which was the second request in the letter.

Here are some results (If you notice I substituted the burgundy square for a green floral paisley. As I have mentioned before there are probably close to if not 9 different colors in those squares:

Not a wool blend but sufficiently textured to allow this tie to belong in this post.

Now with the blue shirt.  I don’t know what your monitor shows but the reality of this ensemble is that it works.  The tungsten lighting is making the blue more royal than it should.

So Mark…Do I have your attention yet?


The Brown Suit

EDIT:  Dont forget to see additional Brown Suit Posts, namely Here as well as using the categories to the right.  Comments are welcome!

Overheard a poster in SF asking about matches for his first Brown suit. Doing a quick search here for brown and blue (Click on the link I did it for you) will give you some idea on how well Browns and Blues can go.

So we dont need any additional help on the Blue and Brown scenario (although I did include one shot of the Brown suit with a Blue shirt as well as one shot of how it looks if you dont get the blues right  which I think shows in the last shot) but what about the pinks and the ecrus?  Mint works well here also but I think that the brown suit with a mint shirt while being perfectly workable in a color sense may be hard to pull off in a work setting.

Here is what we will start with and anyone feel free to jump right in with comments or criticisms. (Kudos are also welcome 🙂 )

Kicking it off with the Ecru Shirt (looks somewhat yellow here but the real color is in the second Photo) and a pistachio color green tie.   There is enough color here overall so I went with a darker type square which probably goes well with almost any outfit.

The second option was the rust colored satin tie with a replacement square.  Again the square picks up the colors from the tie and the shirt and belnds with the brown suit.  Someone suggested red against the brown.  I dont particularly like reds with brown.  It (Red) works well enough with Black and Blues.  For brown I prefer a rust or burnt orange (which also goes with black) type of color.  Again as the tie is bold I used a more sedate color square (if these can be sedate).

Using a pink shirt, the next tie is an oldie but goody.  The hand is beautiful and the irridescent nature of the tie having a warp (thats the undecolor of the weave)  of a blue nature and a weft of the brown.  It basically shows brown but the light hits it a certain way you get the blue tones capitalizing nicely on the beauty of brown and blue.  The brown suit and the pink shirt are naturals as is the brown and blue tie against the pink.  The square, another favorite of mine adds some ecru, browns and a splash of burgundy in there.

Browns and Greys work well and Pink and grey works well so borrowing from that concept and taking a silver grey and pink twill (heavy tie this one) you get this look.  Here the Red/Burgundy  Field square has a little more color than the others as I felt that the contrast was lacking in the tie/shirt combo.

Ahhh…Memories!  This tie from the first collection we did.  Olive and aqua blue stripe/ paisley tie.  Crisp hand with a great color combo, bringing the greens/olives and the blues against a sky blue shirt.   The predominantly  green field of the square draws it all together.

Finally,  I posted this combo because I do NOT like the way it shows against the pale blue shirt.  Compare it to the following pic and see the commentary there.  I think you will agree that the bolder blue is right and this falls flat.

When you compare that blue shirt with this Brown Suit/blue shirt you see how its done correctly and although the suit was changed I think that the difference is in the tone of the blue shirt.

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