The Right Green

Sometimes you might realize that a sport coat and shirt combo is well paired with a certain color accessory (tie or square) but you wont be too sure of which tone of that color works. In that case its best to put them all against the counterparts and eyeballing them all to see which you are most comfortable with.

Here is what I mean:

The brown jacket works well with a light blue shirt and the orange square and all those colors would work really well with a green tie (as you saw yesterday) but which green is the right green?

The Marinella Hunter green tie with flowers?

The navy and Green beehive?

The lime green Marinella?

The Deep Dark Bottle Green?

Or the pistachio green?  They all work but personally I am leaning towards this one.   And you?

3 Ties 3 Looks

As I had the Sportcoat and Shirt out already from the last post I figured I would end the week with the jacket and put some more tie options with it.
The ingredients in the first ensemble are as follows. The boldness of the green tie against the backdrop of the shirt makes it a nice addition to the brown sportscoat (which incidentally has some blue in it as well) .  I used the predominently blue square with a touch of green to pick it all up a little and get somewhat away from the potential drabness of the olive colored jacket. By no means is this a drab jacket but when played incorrectly it could be.

Which comes together looking like this:

Swapping out the tie for a brown toned tie with light blue in the flower will give you this look:

And ending it all with a burgundy cashmere silk blend you get this look. Enough in there without being too much.

Greens and Blues Round 3

Just to round out the Greens and Blues I wanted to offer a deep green tie against a Navy Suit/Blue shirt.
Here the green pops against the shirt and here I thought that the white square worked well as the tie speaks contrast, and pop so the square underscores that contrast in the other direction.
Ultimately unless you are interviewing, I suppose thats the whole point of the tie, isnt it?

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