Tie By Tie 26 (More “Just Ins”)

Using the same sportscoat from last week I thought to show some more options which you can see here:

Oddly I didn’t shoot this with the square in the pocket.  Not sure why ;-).  I like the blue shirt with the grey and the coffee brown tie with the grey jacket and it helps to pull the check in the jacket out as well.  All shown with the honey jar square.

Here with the pink twill tie.  I like this look

Not sure about this tie here.  Looked better when I was taking it but here in the pic it doesn’t look that great.

Finally, a little Wintery coloration here with the dark satin based stripe.

Just a heads up, the buying season is getting hot and heavy and in fact I leave for Italy on Wednesday evening, so it may get a little spotty over the next few weeks, but I will do my best and will be back so don’t give up on me 🙂

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Tie By Tie 25 (This Just In)

Spring might not be in the air where you and I live, eat, breath and sleep but it must be really hot in the warehouses of my kids boutique suppliers because Spring merchandise is arriving daily and has been for about a month now.

Shown here is a newly arrived Hickey Freeman His First jacket from the HF Spring 10 collection, along with a Petronius Four Fold Twill Print in Rusty Orange and a cream shirt with a yellow and silver Honey Jar square.

The rust in the tie as well as the beige flower working with the cream shirt pulls out that beige windowpane in the jacket.  The silver and yellow in the square complements it all.  Here you get a better detail of the square:

Unabashed Plug here:  I have gone to some serious discounts on the cashmeres and other items on the FIH Site.  Cashmere coats, under 700 dollars, Scarves between 25-35% off.  Same with Cashmere Sweaters.  Check it out!

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Tie By Tie 11a (Even Better Resolving)

Of course a tie that has blue and cream in it rests comfortably and confidently nestled in a navy suit with either a cream or light blue shirt, complemented by the honey jar patterned square in yellow.

Have a great weekend.

Tie By Tie # 2

In the same medium chevron weave that we did in the first Tie by Tie we did 5 colors.  Earlier we worked up red and white and the blue and pink.  Now we have a Blue and white (the second of the original colors) and a blue/grey and muted yellow.

I put the blue/grey/yellow with a blue shirt and a red floral on navy square against a navy suit.  I thought appropriate a shirt that was a non textured one due to the fact that the tie gives off a heavy texture.  Here is what it looked like:

Flipping that same square over so that the green shows  you get this, and while I don’t condone wearing your square this far out of the pocket I wanted to give an idea of coloring.

Here is the square in all its glory:

And in this shot you get a yellow patterned honey jar square to brighten up the jacket a bit.  The detail of the square is below.

With the blue and white, I reversed my logic above and went textured.  While not that practical for a business setting I thought it sharp for a social one.  Shown here with the honey jar patterned square and blue and burgundy textured shirt. Unfortunately this was one of the times that my camera zoomed in and got every detail of the textured shirt and every line of the chevron weave making it look like overkill.  In regular lighting and focus it came across as dapper.

And here is the square detail:

Orange and Navy

While orange and rusty orange works well with black, another nice combination is orange and navy as orange in all its forms will brighten up navy.

Here you have a navy suit with a light blue shirt (looks grey in some pics but its a pale blue pique) and a slate blue square paired with a host of orange ties, starting with that paisley weave from earlier in the week.

The square looks like this, a whimsical honey jar pattern with a floral pattern on the fabric.  Nice enough but I thought we could do better.

So we swap it out for a darker navy square whose darkness serves to highlight the bright flowers on it thereby giving the square a presence in the pocket despite its dark nature. (for more on contrasting your square with your jacket see this post.)

And the final effect is this:

This textured stripe uses a soft green with large orange stripes.  The introduction of the soft green and the soft orange instead of the earlier paisley add color without overdoing it.  Green, orange, blue and navy together, write it down, its  a wining combination.

This heavy blue four fold might be predominantly blue but there are enough orange flowers to give it “orange” status.  I like how fresh the tie looks. Besides, it reminds me of my youth when back in the day when my Dad of blessed memory bought a Yankees and Mets cap for me and my brother and he  grabbed the Yankees cap and I became a defacto Mets fan 🙂

Here we move away from the classic oranges to more yellowy/mustard orange in the form of this Petronius four fold.  I believe that this tie is a 50 oz. Twill.

And finally back to an orange with a rust tinge tie coupled with a darker bottle green flower.  Also a Petronius four fold.

PS:  Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Americans and anyone else that is celebrating today!

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