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Again, the heads up that we have moved to Blogger again at this Address (and posted another post tonight) Would love to see you follow me there but if not, I understand (But I will miss you ūüė¶ )

Best to all in 2012!

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Moving…Yet Again

Moving again back to blogger in an effort to consolidate my kids blogs under one roof.

Come and Get it!

If you follow me I promise to try and behave and post more frequently.


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Dont let them tell you otherwise…

Sizing Matters.

It the single most important factor in men’s and children’s tailored clothing as well and its so often done incorrectly. ¬†It will take an otherwise perfectly planned ensemble and destroy it.

Granted, for men’s people are less reluctant to sacrifice correct size considering that the useful shelf life on a man’s suit can be as long as the suit lasts however with kids clothing, people like to try to squeeze a few seasons out of the item and the results are borderline if not completely ridiculous.

Here is an example that I pulled off a “competitors” website.

Note the shoulders coming off the kids frame and the lapels that go down to the kids belly button. Furthermore the torso of the jacket extends halfway between the thigh and the knee.  It doesnt look good opened and pulled back, and when buttons or hanging closed it will look dreadful.

Don’t wast your money on an item thats two sizes too big because you will lose the entire effect that you are going for. ¬†Unless of course you are going for that unemployed unkempt “I can get away with wearing my Dad’s Jacket” look, but after having spent between 250 to 400 for the jacket alone, we highly doubt you are.

A Belated 4th of July

Greetings to all FTWU readers.   Its good to be back home but the perfect storm in the retail industry which is what happens when the buying, and selling season as well as many changes in our business is upon us.

Here are some shots that will pretty much cap off the Summer season for me (unless requests are made) that I took and intended on posting from abroad, but you know the saying “the best laid plans of mice and men” and as it turned out, despite the wireless connectivity in the room, I was unable to get FTP access and therefore was unable to upload photos from there.

Not quite the red white and blue that we all know but the tones are there and while the first two ties are red, I prefer the boldness of the first one.  The green square in the first two ensembles is laced with red and adds more color to the outfit.

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Bad is the New Good (Apparently)

Posting from London’s Heathrow Airport again as I am on the road all this week I marvel at the fact that what looks really bad in my eye seems to garnish lots of rave reviews as being really nice and sharp.

Case in point is some praise that was given over in another forum about a particular men’s store for the following ensemble.

Although they have been in business for decades, FTWU says, “Just Say No”.



PS: The rest of the week will be spotty as far as posting due to the travels.

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Just Foolin’

With our kids shop at 50% off and us short staffed filling orders, yours truly has been wearing the sales associate hat these days and I’ve been a bit behind on other things I would have been doing. ¬†The end result is that I didnt put major thought into the ensembles today so feel free to vote negatively if you want to. ¬†They arent bad by any means, and in fact better than just passable, but still. Of course they all keep to general coordinating rules but for whatever reason we will call them products of me just fooling around. ¬†Feel free to agree, disagree or of course abstain (The ties are loosies by the way, Loosies with a lovely rich hand):

Green/with a slight tinge of brown His First Hickey Freeman Sportcoat, Light Blue shirt and brown with red vintage square.  Here the tie used was a yellow with blueish flowers to give some contrast against the shirt.

The square detail here:

Shown here with a cream shirt and different square option that had more coordination with the tie (square not on the site) :

And here is the square detail where you can see the colors working well with the tie:

Swapping ties for a blue twill (again, a lovely loosie twill print) I come up with this number.  It looked terrible against the blue shirt as sometimes blues can clash or simply look wrong so I swapped it for the cream one giving better contrast.  I also changed the square for one with traces of blue in it and green coming back to the jacket:

With the square detail here.  Note the blues in the square.

Con Te Partiro – Time To Say Good Bye!

No Sillies, not to me. I am having lots of fun here ūüôā

But its time to say good bye to some of the older merchandise that I have in the store, like this series. (and the next few days of posts).

Before I put them on the clearance page I offer them to my readers at 40% off for hand made in Italy saddle stitch four and seven fold ties.

All shown here with a navy blue suit and light blue shirt with a blue and cream flowers square.


The blue and brown horizontal stripe

With the Square detail here:

Navy Tie:

Orange Tie:

And Burgundy:

And finally as I “borrowed” the name of the song for the title of the post, I would be remiss in not posting the you tube video of Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman:

Enjoy (I always do)!

Flash Back

In yesterday’s post I referenced how I had worked the small check olive sportscoat from Hickey Freeman.

Here is pretty much what I had done, shown with the ecru twill shirt and Navy and Green Tie.  I kept the floral square in the first shot:

Liking the navy introduction I swapped the earthy tones of the square for a navy and green vintage square

Which comes together looking like this:

And here it all is when you swap the green tie for a predominantly navy polka dot tie.

Have a great weekend all!

The Unlikely Combo (A/K/A Outside the Box)

I may have mentioned this before but I find the following story humorous and revealing as to the nature of how people think when it comes to putting looks together. ¬†A few years back my wife and I went store browsing for my birthday. ¬†Not to buy of course, but simply to look at how the “upper end” department stores put it all together.

Our first stop was at the Men’s Department of Saks Fifth Avenue, where we chanced upon a mannequin that was totally mismatched. ¬†The shirt and tie was right but they didnt belong with the suit. Off to the side there was what I had perceived to be the perfect accessories, a complementary shirt and tie. ¬†The store manager was standing there and I asked him why the merchandising department ¬†would do something like that when there were so many beautiful ties and shirts that would work so well with the particular suit, to which he responded “What you are suggesting is a “no brainer”. ¬†Anyone can do stuff like that. ¬†Here they were thinking outside the box”. ¬†My response was that thinking outside the box is nice so long as you are still on the planet. ¬†In this case it simply did not work. ¬†He took a look at the suit in question and remarked…yes, you are right, what probably happened was that the previous suit worked with that shirt and tie and the¬†merchandiser¬†got lazy and left the shirt and tie ¬†on while changing the suit!

My job and goal here is to get you to think a little outside the box and with that lets take a look at tonights pictures. (in which I sneak another escapee in without drawing too much attention.  How I missed these ties is beyond me.  Oops.)

Silver works naturally with Black and with Navy, so putting a silver tie with a white or blue shirt and a black or blue suit is what Mr. Saks Fifth Ave might call a no brainer.  Lets think a little outside the box and try brown.  (If you have been reading me for a bit you will know that its not that far outside the box, as Brown and Charcoal work well together.  Silver being a different shade of grey should work as well. )

Here you have the Brown suit with a Brown pin stripe Shirt (from the Kids Hickey Freeman Kids Line) paired with a silver satin tone on tone dotted tie and a floral earth tones square.

Now if you look at the square detail which is pretty of its own right you will see that the inspiration for colors can come right off the square. ¬†You have Browns, Blacks, Beige’s, Green and you guessed it…Silver.

Alternatively you can use a more monochromatic square as so:

Personally, I would go with the first.

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To Stare or Not to Stare

What I wanted here and the way the pics I took turned out didnt exactly meet on the same page  so I will just give you the pics that I took and we will illustrate again  just how different the same jacket and shirt can look when accessorized differently.

The orange tie and multicolor square brighten it up and make the statement of “Go ahead, try not to notice me” ūüėČ

The Darker brown pindot tie and cream linen square say, “I look classically sharp yet understated, Go stare at the guy with the orange tie” ūüôā

Which one is correct?  Depends on the mood!

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