Tie By Tie 29 (On The Fly)

The Buying season is winding down here with only a few more days in the city for the kids shop.  Meanwhile we have a whole new series of ties coming in tomorrow (Tuesday) but I wont get a chance to get to them till later in the week.

Posting now, on the fly from a Showroom in the city while the boss/Mom catches up on some paperwork for the orders:

Love this tie and have used it extensively in this blog.  Put both squares here to see which Iliked better and then ultimately went with the violet.  Shown today with the Ecru Shirt and Black Suit.

With the square in place.

And a little brighter which shows you the parts a little more clear.

PS:  Super sale time with an additional 10% On top of the already heavily discounted Colombo Cashmere Items on the site.  Now might be a great time to pick up a Cashmere coat for just over 600 Dollar.  Free Ground Shipping Too!

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Tie By Tie 28 (Black and Lilac, FTW!)

Two days back I wrote about the soft and nice tie that worked well with a number of shirts due to its having a number of colors in it.

Today’s post will show that sometimes soft is nice but not “as” nice. Here I show the same tie, with the grey check shirt and a black suit for better contrast.

For something different I swapped the purple check square for a green with purple paisley. (email for purchase Info)

Which looks like this:

And as we were talking Lilac with Black and Grey here is one more option, the Lilac Paisley Tie.

And in case you were wondering, FTW is the current web slang for For the Win! 🙂

Have a great weekend all.

Tie By Tie 11a (Even Better Resolving)

Of course a tie that has blue and cream in it rests comfortably and confidently nestled in a navy suit with either a cream or light blue shirt, complemented by the honey jar patterned square in yellow.

Have a great weekend.

More on black and orange

Here is some more on the black and orange theme, as well as the charcoal and orange.  I added here the burnt orange with the black and the charcoal and orange stripe.  I think you will agree that the combo is super sharp and its almost as if the tie was made for that suit.

Here with the orange version of yesterday’s woven paisley.  Framed by a black suit and grey twill shirt.  (Great luxurious hand on that shirt).   As I mentioned yesterday the ties are busy and bright enough for a plain off white linen square.

The burnt orange (sigh, what a beauty) tie with the same black suit.

And the same order with the charcoal and orange pin stripe suit.  You only get the true color of the suit in the second pic.

Niiiiiiiiiice! 🙂

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Back with more Pindots

OK.  Back and ready to go.  Other than meeting one of the Colombo Cashmere Owners, Roberto Colombo, we were sadly dissapointed about the trip this time as the kids lines (which is what we go for for the most part) was uninspiring.  I did order some really nice ties for the coming season as well as some new squares and some contrast border squares for somewhat immediate arrival.

Anyway, back to the Pindot discussion.

Here you have two colors of the same patterned tie (both are four folds), together with a light Blue mildly textured weave shirt (not really sure as to what you might call the fabric) and a black (yes black) lightly windowpane checked suit.  The Lighter Color tie is probably more useful albeit less dressy.  The darker is for more serious events.  Either way very usable in being there but not too much.

Made up of this. I particularly like this square as it can end up looking like so many different squares. Here the gold hits against the starkness of the black suit and dark tie popping a little.

Using the lighter tie you get a more bright look (not screaming but more awake). Square remains the same.

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